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Anything with with fire

So all the flamers
I do love melta's toom though they;re kinda different, Still love them though

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If you want your platoons to pack some serious punch in close combat, add some power axes, melta bombs and krak grenades to them.
Creed also might come in handy, because all those heavy weapons squads need Bring it Down to be truely effective. Also, drop the Griffon or take another one, they work best in pairs. Same goes with the Hydra.

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Here you go.

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Die gloriously for the Emperor, of course.

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hey guys what's goin on in this thread?

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Nope, and yes please! Anything you want in return?

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All right, /tg/. What units are the worst in 40k? My vote goes to Chaos Spawn.

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Wooo, scary

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This was no time for remembering the past. Her mind had to be clear and focused. She was ready to lead her Sisters into battle; her flamer was filled with promethium and her bolt pistol stood at the ready.

Apphia walked down the ramp with her sisters following. The Guardsmen were nervous with their lasguns at the ready; she saw no purpose for their presence other than for the planetary governor trying to impress them. She could see their fear and they would have ran at the first sign of trouble had it not been for her presence. They had heard the stories of the fanatical daughters of the Emperor who would slay all those who would threaten him. Apphia decided, they could be used as bait, as she left the ramp.

The engines whirred back to full power and the Valkyries rose off. They would return if needed. She pressed the rune of activation on her auspex. There was odd activity ahead. She advanced into the swamp. The filthy water was befouling her clean armor. She would stay dry, but it pained her to see it in this state.

Her auspex started to encounter interference. It was as if some unholy force was nearby, clasping it back on her belt. She strode forward with weapons drawn.

A rustling of the trees put her on alert. She was a veteran, serving for many years. In battle, she was without peer among her many sisters. Apphia knew in a couple of years that once she advanced to the proper age, she would become an honored older Sister and hold ever-greater authority. But, more importantly, she would hold access to all but the deepest dungeons; but now was not time for self-indulgence.

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Nah, soon as you're old enough you're sent to join the regiment. Colonel Stagler don't approve of educated men, says it was educated men that got Krieg bombed to shit in the first place. The colonel says that all a man needs to do is fight and die. That's the Krieg way.

>old enough is fifteen years old, by the way

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All this chest-beating Guard nonsense is good for morale, I'm sure, but it doesn't answer the original question.

Now I've always found needle guns to be a bit underpowered. Sure, for assassinations and fancy gatherings they can do the job but when you're facing down the Burnscour Lictor and you've only got half a clip left... you'd better pray you're firing more than needles.

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You know what's funny?
I still hate furries more.

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Come on, seriously? It's a thread about posting random pictures. They're not talking about ponies, they're not spamming up the thread. if anyone deserves to be reported, it's the OP, for starting a non-/tg/-related thread. But no one is going to report the OP because we are having a good time in here, so either enjoy the thread or kindly gtfo.

As for my random encounter...
Yeah, I'm fucked.

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yyeeeeeesssssss burrrrnnn you fuckin worthless pieces of shit BURN!

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Made a mistake, checked on SoIaF Quest. Back.

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>They have heavy bolters, but It still works.

The Chimeras encircle the town. The enemy in either a blood rage or a moment of pure stupidy charge the Chimeras. They climb over them and try to pull the hatches off. One of the PDF traitors explodes because he held his grenade to long.

The infantry easily picks off the traitors. The enemy retreats, heading to the north, towards the mountains. Lieutenant Reiter asks you, "What shall we do now Captain."

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You command the second company. The second only has three platoons, and two squads to each platoon. Currently you are stationed on the planet Marcia. Marcia was once controlled by Rogue Colonist, people who attempted to flee the light of Imperium. When the Imperium arrived here, the planet surrendered and it was brought under Imperial Rule.

Unfortunately for you, some of the people didn't want to be under Imperium. They fled into the countryside. Your regiment must clean this rabble out. You've been ordered by your Colonel, Colonel Regen, to go and find a weapons cache that is reported to be inside a small suburban town. cont'd.

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This thread is heresy.

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Get in here. 40k general discussion and show of them sweet models.

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