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>sound of your jump-pack

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>Your little plastic men aren't painted the right colors!

Pic related, apparently I can't field an assault force of Doom Eagles because a single miniature is shown in the Space Marines codex, even though I like that scheme and their description isn't too bad.

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(not really)

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I suppose I can agree with that.

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Stealthy Marine? Pray you don't roll up the one example "History" given for Power Armors. (just like Space Ships in Rogue Trader, Power Armors have histories that give them bonuses and penalties).

>"Cower Not Before The Enemy": The armour has marks of pride, heraldic symbols, and has sashes, helmet crests, banner displays, and other icons that highlight the glory the former wearers of the armour attained. The armour seemingly sabotages all attempts at subtlety, and imposes a -20 modifier to all Silent Move and Concealment tests, as it whirs, vents or clanks at precisely the wrong moment. However, due to the overwhelming aura of authority and confidence the armour projects, the wearer gains a +10 modifier to all Command tests.

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My life for the true steward of /tg/!

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Hey guys want to know if its legal to use thunder hammer and lightning claw combination for a normal marine.

As in one model thunder hammer one hand, lightning claw the other.

By the way i'm asking for all different armies, templars, blood angels, dark angles, space wolves and normal marines.

is it in anyway legal for any of these armies? Cause in codex, it did say that lightning claws are "commonly" used in a pair.

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Hi im a space marine. I'm going to be in a major multiplatform shooter/slashemup and everyone will play it.

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i'll post what i have

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Hmm maby some of you can help me...An while ago someone posted these Planet generating charts. I want to start an Roge Trader game and this would be really helpfull in creating an random world...I think it was from an gurps sourch book.

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jump packs

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At the end of the day, its the humans that are always packing the most awesome and manly attires and weapons.

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/TG/ Have you ever thought about fps/rpg game where you are a rather 'young' chaos space marine leading his warband on the path of his choosing whether to join black crusades, cap Daemonhunters or pledge your allegiance?

It'd sure be better than leading SPESS MAHREENS because of bonus points for fun/awesome ideas.

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uh no fuck you warhammer art thread up in this bitch.

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Space Marines are men in armor, too.

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The pregen gives you several opportunities to overawe people too. I pleased they managed to make it more than just combat.

LOTS OF COMBAT, yes, but there are still things to do other than shoot someone.

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Chapter Demeanour/Ability doesn't play into class.

In Final Sanction, the Dark Angel provided is an Assault Marine, while the Blood Angel is a Devastator. Meanwhile their chapter abilities might be better suited if they were swapped.

However both can use their abilities well in the right situation (Assault Marine jumps into enemies and activates stoic defence. Devestator is pressed into close combat and uses Blood Frenzy to prove his Combat Knife is perfectly lethal to his foe).

I kinda like that the did this, even if its not "optimal". It'd be boring if every Dark Angel kill team member was a Devastator, or every Blood Angel kill team member an Assault Marine.

Heck, maybe that is why they were seconded to Deathwatch, both because their skill stood out in an area their chapter normally isn't considered "super awesome" at, and because they didn't quite fit in because of it.

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Shameless bump for the Emperor.

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