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I forgot to add that I want games some 'shinny' 'colorful' games such as Settle of Catalan to attract the short attention span kids.

Pen and paper games such as Savage Worlds >>31448596 is my goal but I want something catchy first to attract members. Think of the first games in your childhood. What was the game that hook you?

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I commend you for your efforts soldier!

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I don't Eldar/Dark Eldar so I have no idea what to contribute.



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Sup /tg/, been having a lot of fun with some older D6 games I've been hosting on IRC.

Big & little campaigns on the old XP style. Gain XP for encounters and such, remove it for terrible/lousy actions, spend it on skills immediately or even during the campaign, and the like, whole ton of fun.

Yeah, you're already thinking the 'but' emanating from this post. I've got one of THOSE people.

This guy goes BEYOND the W.P.E. title. He has failed every single campaign, every hidden quest, destroyed NPC reputations with the players, stolen or damaged items that he knew FULL well would be game breaking, only to cry tears of rage when they would get removed or people would attack/convince him to give them back. Adding insult to injury, of the 3 NPC's that travel with the players he's attempted to murder one because it copied his form JUST to complete his task that he purposefully screwed up, killed another that got turned into a scenario boss with anti-Light protections, and raped the third one because he got drunk and decided it would add 'flavor' to that NPC. Of course, you don't rape a druid and enter their village dragging her.

Anyone else got some good stories to tell about W.P.E.'s?

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This is how I divergent history

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Excellent I will

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Thrown weapons are shit against armor, as the force you throw it with is all the force it gets to puncture the armor. Weapons like ninja stars were used mainly as a distraction, to keep you plucking one of those fuckers out of your arm while the sneaky weeabo escapes. Thrown weapons have their niche, but it's a small one.

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I think you will enjoy this gif, Anon.

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Shameless self bump.
Pic on topic.

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He'd be the best troll of the universe then.

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/tg/, I beseech you. In only war, if a regiment has microbeads in their standard kit, shit like sweeping orders and command can be done through them correct? Making the advancement voxtech useless at a squad based level?
Only war general if that sparks interest.

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Locked and loaded.
Send fire mission over

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Well, everything seems to be in order with the gun placements!

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There we go, thank you. Have a Basilisk.

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No, she was simply following his instructions. At that time we had none, when he expelled them from the Garden he learned his lesson and realized "that really wasn't going to work out anyway" so he gave us the knowledge and tools to work the earth. It was meant to symbolize the moment when we became more then mindless creatures/art project to him. The tale also forms a good story as to why we stopped becoming hunter/gatherers like primitive man and moved on to an agrarian society.

>misunderstanding the whole series of posts
>ignoring all the lessons in the New Testament
>that name

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Anyone around here use possessed? How did you make them effective?

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Have fun anon. Remember, the Emperor Protects

pic related, the only way to actually win Only War

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But there were some things that he didn't plan on, such as Sanguinius, his wings and slight psyker-ness were from warp exposure when the chaos gods spread them across the galaxy. Or Angron and how he was surgically mutilated.

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Cuban Pete was a hero. He was a fantastic artist, making masterpieces of destruction everywhere like it was nothing, composing an orchestra of chaos, death, and explosions. He knew no right nor wrong, only awesomeness. A magnificent bastard, an unstoppable agenda and the skills to carry it out. He was the spirit of the station, the beauty inside us all. Deep within, we all miss him, even if it's just a little bit. He was a true patriot.

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