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First boring cadia

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Guys that firing/faceing to the rigt are with humanity.
Guys that firing/faceing to the left are with the xenos.

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Is that a fucking question? the IG awaits every true men. only pussies join to the PDF!

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could be easily adapted for a DH game.


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I want to say no, but I believe there is one or two HQ choices that make this plausible.

But do it for the hell of it.

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it's probably safe

check it out

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Alright I'm helping out my sisters husband while he's over seas...

he has a HUGE unfinished Imperial guard army and he's trusted me to finish it and the army list... few questions as I play chaos..

-mortar crews... good?
-he has some awesome snipers... should I put them in vetrean squads? or sp wepon teams?
-how should I run the normal run of the mill 10 man teams... heavy wepon + sp wepon +vox in every team?
-whats the best leman russ tank combo?

any other guard adivce? this guy has more then enough stuff to build anything

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Our DM has decided that with the start of the new semester, he won't be able to run our Pathfinder campaign every week, so I've elected to run a Rogue Trader game every other week.

Right now, I'm hoping to run a more comedic and outrageous campaign. (It helps that I've been reading the Ciaphas Cain omnibus.) Not exactly light hearted, but definately not a full-on grimdarkfest, as most of the players aren't terribly familiar with 40k and how absurdly grimdark it is.

What I'm looking for are some ideas for *RELATIVELY* light hearted ideas for missions for a Rogue Trader and his 3-4 person Retinue.

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SO, After collecting Imperial Guard for about 5 years, I've decided to repaint my army into one unified color scheme.
As of right now, they're a mess of colors, so im gonna need to strip em. I heard simple green or something works best since my army is mostly plastic.
As of right now, im debating between two color schemes, and would like you input.
1: Black undercoat, followed by some variation of red(probably red gore) with Armour being painted in boltgun metal. Tanks would be under coat black, painted over in the same red, with black splotches sticking out here and there, and excessive use of boltgun metal over certain parts.

2.Black Undercoat, followed by either catachan green, or Dark angels green. with Armour being painted a light or dark brown(what do you guys think?) Vehicles would be just Catachan/ darkangels green with some snot green over it to make it look a little bit more interesting.
3. If any body has any other suggestion, feel free to post em.
oh, btw, they're all cadian models, with some recent figures added from the newer kits, so my squads area mix of old and new models. Not really noticeable, except in weight and design, but thats pretty much it.

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Damn xeno scum.

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Guardsmen reporting in

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This Thread is now an Imperial Guard thread.
Courtesy of creed.

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>Traitor Guard
>Punk ass renegades that turn to the chaotic powers to help their pathetic causes

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whats going on in here?

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If you're gonna put EVERYTHING in reserves I would figure at least 1 or 2 of the units would be able to deep strike. Not even having this the white scar player owned himself.

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Hey everybody what's going on in here?

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I thought the Chaos Marines were the joke faction?

I mean, a gang of superhuman giants backed up by not ONE, but FOUR gods are still incapable of even getting a foot outside the Eye?

Yeah Chaos is kind of the white rapper kid of 40k. Lots of bark, lots of bling, but little bite.

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Can't beat those loveable Kriegers.

City doesn't pay it's tithe? Bomb it for 10 years, which is 5 years longer than it took for the city to surrender, and 3 years longer than it took for the city to be devoid of all signs of life. You want over the top? You fucking got it.

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