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>are there any pictures?

Earlier renditions had them appear spiral-shaped, like giant space-going nautili, though.

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>which is more common
>under 50 spartan IIs
>1000 chapters of at least 1000 marines
>more UNSC ships than Imperial ships
>the UNSC is annihilated by one alien conglomerate, where the Imperium has been fighting for thousands of years to keep hold of their galaxy-spanning empire

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I've always been interested in BFG

I'd like to start it up, should I pick up a pair of cruisers and some lighter ships and go from there?

I'm planning on starting Imperials, but would it be possible to take a single marine strike cruiser as well? I'm fond of the model

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Given their size and population, the appellation "Space Cathederal Cities" would probably be more appropriate.

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regarding IA 10

I'm curious as to the fluff behind the characters (specifically, the Salamanders). Don't mind waiting until my copy makes it overseas.. but..

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O hai. I herd u leik space ships, so I uploaded my collection of 174 pictures of the Imperial Navy and space-travel in the 41st millenium:

In exchange, badger our GM to make a sequel to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5U27GPiHwQ would you?

Sources - the Deviant Art groups, ripping the BattleFleet Gothic .pdfs, and a few Rogue Trader pics. Stuff I've picked up over the years.

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Honestly I think The Imperium could hold terra against even the full theoretical Tyranid swarmfleets.

That doesn't mean the Imperium would survive. Terra might, but the resources drawn to secure it would see entire swathes of the Imperium drained, overrun and destroyed by a thousand external threats.

The Imperium would probably never fully recover from such a conflict.

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How big of a threat to Humanity are the Necrons compared to the Tyranids or Chaos (all of chaos not just the CSM)

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The hit and run thing is great and all but imperial ships are massive precisely because of how much damage they can take. Plus, strikecraft / AA / counterbattery fire accounts for smaller, zippy ships. They will be harder to hit directly but the space around them is turned into a killbox of shrapnel and plasma fire - Main batteries are used along with anti-strikecraft weapons in order to create a wall of ordinance.

Insurgency is pretty norm in the imperium, but the moment it actually takes a foothold (rebellion, large scale piracy) it attracts serious attention. The constant behind-doors infighting and subterfuge within the imperium itself ironically makes it harder to be infiltrated. The logistics of how huge the imperium is (Sometimes fallen planets don't even get heard of until centuries pass), while making it impossible to sovereignly control all of its space also make it that mutch harder for an inside party to control. You can carve out a little sector for yourself, but sooner or later the imperium comes down on it.

I'm not a FORTEY KAY IS TEH GRATEST guy but the weaknesses of the imperium as its described also make it stronger. For the imperium, there is no such thing as a non-standup fight.

Hell, only reason Tau are still alive is because abaddon still hasn't learned anything from the last 12 BC's. He hasn't done anything right since fingerpainting in kindergarten. And even then, the teacher had to tell him what to do; and Hive Fleet Behemoth is a fucking prick by coming in from below.


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<<< my favourite

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Oh, and one section that I always forget: The Navigator's Tower.
This is where the Navigator and his extended family and their bonded servants dwell. This is a self-contained area with little contact with the rest of the ship, but vital in function to the ship.

If it juts into space like a true spire then it will be a section where the void shielding is powerful. If it is a section of the ship it will be where the armour is thickest.

Other things to consider: The ships current mission and its recent history.
Since it is carrying Guardsmen, we can figure that it is likely heading into a combat zone where interdiction is expected (otherwise the Guardsmen would be aboard a huge but vulnerable transport craft). This will affect the disposition of those who are aware of it.
Much of the crew, however, will not know that combat is expected, or even that there are Imperial Guardsmen aboard.

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