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Hm, I for one don't see that as too much of an issue.

Hey, honestly, if you're being swarmed by Boyz then I'd probably call for help as well.

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Is this official? Can't remember. Either way...

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Blood Angels always there where the biggest fight at.

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So everyone got hyped by the old republic mmo, especially with its well presented cinematic, but I was... disappointed when they actually showed the gameplay.
It looked uglier than DM, to say the least.



I guess we'll see how the 2 games evolve in the next few years.

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space marines fight head on, rushing in on drop pods bashing into the ground and rushing out of the drop pods killing everything until reinforcements and heavy equiptment arrive then killling more
spartans cant and dont do this

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How does one properly beseech the machine spirit?

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File: 1254432307919.jpg
Upload Attempt 75 of 90
Time: 05/27/10 02:01:39
Mode: Classic

Running XChan Directory Dumper v3.1

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Wallpaper thread?

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Hey, I was thinking of starting a Space Marine army (NOT Ultramarines). But I want it to be pretty small.

I was thinking of doing a "First Company" Army worth about 1500pts. But I'm not too sure about what to use.

What would /tg/ recommend?

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Hey, idiots.

They choose the best to be space marines, thus breeding space marines and having the space marine offspring duke it out with each other/other recruits would on on average produce better space marines. Since they do not do this, logically, space marines must be sterile.

That is of course following logic, so with this being 40k, that doesn't count for much. Maybe they're all idiots and don't know how evolution works? Maybe they're afraid of producing a space marine so great he'd outdo the emprah?

It actually kinda fazed me when I realized that they don't have kids at all, they could atleast take a few days after 1-200 years of service to sire a bunch of off-spring here and there on their recruiting worlds.

I mean, otherwise what they're doing is practically selectively removing the best genes from the genepool every generation, resulting in progressively weaker space marines.

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Forget the stompa, build a TITAN

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Lost my entire 40k pic folder... Help me Brothers, I NEED GRIM DARKNESS!

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rolled 5 = 5

Rollan to Deep Strike

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Hey /tg/ I recently brought a tyranid army. This is my first army and I've never painted one before, but I really dont want to do a shit job. I got tyranids because they look hella cool and remind me of ALIENS but also because I thought they would be relatively easy to paint.

I guess what I'm asking is will I have to just accept the fact I'll probably make a mess of them? How did your first-time painting session go? Tips?

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like this, but with Chimeras and Leman Russeses

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