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Okay then. Successor wise, the Eyes of Mordred are from the 32nd Millennium. This places them between the 3rd Founding (001.M32) and at the most, the seventh (Between the 3rd and 8th (mid-34th millennium), there are four foundings of unknown date, at least one of which is 33rd Millennium and one of which is 32nd Millennium)

So, out of all the Smurf successors, it would be best for us to pick a chapter from the 2nd Founding. That leaves:
Aurora Chapter - Armored Assault specialists.
Black Consuls - Canonically destroyed by the Word Bearers
Doom Eagles - Grim, depressed assault/stealth specialists.
Eagle Warriors - Fleet-chapter. Bog standard.
Genesis Chapter - Bog-standard. Space Newfoundlanders.
Inceptors - Mentioned once. Ever. Oh GamesWorkshop.
Iron Snakes - Greeks in Space.
Libators - Also only ever mentioned once. Ever. Oh GamesWorkshop.
Mortifactors - Voodoo marines lead by a Hungarian.
Nemesis - Mentioned only once and that was in Chapter Approved. Welp.
Novamarines - Codex die-hards. Fluff states no known successors.
Patriarchs of Ulixis - No infomation.
Praetors of Orpheus - Chapter which has close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Silver Eagles - Lucky enough to have a colour scheme.
Silver Skulls - Headhunters. Refuse to go into battle unless their Librarians think they'll win.
White Consuls - Bog-standard. Also got fucked over by the Word Bearers, but actually survived.

So what have we got from all this? Well, apart from the fact that Games Workshop loves only mentioning chapters once. Personally out of Smurf 2nd Founding Successors, I say we should either go with a chapter with no infomation on them, or go with the Doom Eagles.


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Just bought 30 guardsmen, 3 vindicators, 35 space marines, and an Iron Clad Dred for 150 on Ebay. Shitfeelsgood.

Imperial thread go.

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Not really sure how much AP1/2/3 I'm looking at. I know that there will be Tau with their accursed non over heating plasma and melta suits, a MC list from a nid player, a couple of Ork players with everyone's favorite nob bike death star, and some generic marines. There may be a single DE player, and one player or regular Eldar.

Most of the local players do marines, and they tend to go with a few rhinos, preds, and a dred or two. I'm not sure how much AT they plan to have, but I do know that one of the wolf players is planning on the 3 squads of long fangs with everything else being in a rhino.

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well it's not exaclty like this thread turned into a shitstorm. 10 people corrected it and we're basically done. Quite the troll bounty.

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You could make it, like, a LITTLE interactive, dude.

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>Just because you know idiots,
No, I mean that's the response to the guy who wanted to play Imp. Paladins in this thread. Scroll up.

Personally, I don't think anyone should be allowed to play the original 10 chapters. There's 990 others, guys.

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A) Both!

B) I expect you to know the general setting. You should be able to pass as a Spess Maroon. Look over Lexicanum (google) a bit. Feel free to play out the worst stereotypes of your Chapter, or create a Chapter and make it up as you go along.
So, yes, beginners with a bit of initiative can into this.

C) My Deathwatch game is Spehs Marinaras meets Paranoia. It's over-the-top and goofy. My WHFRP game is about serious roleplaying and whatnot, rather than goofing off and getting into hijinks. CvZ is...Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

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Funniest thing you've ever heard during a session.

I'll start:
I was DM-ing for a DH game when the Guardsman came across a Heavy Bolter. He was obviously estatic at this discovery, UNTIL I told him how much individual bolts cost (i.e. A SHITLOAD). He just looked at me for a bit, then did some math on some scrap paper, and then in a PERFECT russian accent said:

>It costs four hundred and eighty Thrones to fire this gun... for fifteen seconds.

I was laughing my ass off.

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A shame indeed you were that idiotic enough to make that mistake.
Now you brought the pony fans and shat up /tg/. You're not even smart enough to delete your own thread.

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Am I the only one thats disappointed with how overpowered bolt weapons (ESPECIALLY storm bolters and heavy bolters) are in general with Deathwatch? Plasma seems so shitty in comparison. Melta guns are okay, but still pale before the ultimate bolter.

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really it depends on what you want them to do.
2 meltas for tank hunters but a mix if you want to use them to stand a chance of hurting tanks and able to remove infantry

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rolled 6 = 6

Go demeanor!

...I spend too long trying to find art. Marines with Raven wings.

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>"ctrl+F" Doom Eagles
>Phrase not found
For shame, /tg/. A Jump Pack chapter that isn't always bitching? Hell yes.

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Doom Eagles

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Haha the marine hate in this thread is delicious. Sure they only need one codex but chill out. Jeez.

Don't hate the players, hate GW's stagnant business model. They're the ones forcing themselves to produce multiple marine codices to stay in the black when they could be going the Fantasy route and getting their design teams to work on making each 40k army more popular as well as advertising more than just marines. They did a pretty good job of this with the new guard but because guard are the only other army they've done this with guard get a lot of "spesss muhreeons" style hate thrown its way now too.

Marines ARE pretty awesome on a base escapist level. They're just oversaturated.

Pic related. It's a Doom Eagle being a goddamned Doom Eagle.

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Seconding the Celestial Lions and the Crimson Fists

Also throwing in a vote for the Doom Eagles. Always liked the color scheme and the fact that they're always represented by a guy with a jump pack.

Then I found out they're pretty damn emo in the fluff, but fuck it, I still like 'em.

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Sorry, not even upper left blue will save your life here, and don't even think about red because thats all we do.

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almost done

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