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I haven't reached "Legion" of the BL series yet. Was anything said in that regard there?

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Why is the grox pink?

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Tau fags shooting to the right....


Forces of those shooting left. OPEN FIRE!

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What are some fun/interesting creatures to run in Chainer?

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Anyway, lets stop arguing about each other's characters because clearly we are very different people and would be unable to come to anything remotely close to an understanding.

However, I think you've misunderstood my 'ragey' nonsense earlier. I'm not attacking 30k General in its entirety, I clearly pointed out there are several more negative posts and discussions about the game than in other communities. I notice the same at my FLGS, and on other forums. I notice that 30k's player base seem to have already built an idea of what is 'appropriate' in the game, and what content is good and what is not, but I, for one, heartily disagree with it. I disagree with the fact that 30k players feel that 40k content shouldn't be in the game, while these same players use their 30k content in 40k most likely. I disagree that people who, essentially, play variations on the same Space Marine sculpt should argue so venomously with each other over their Legions and rules.

Perhaps I'm wrong since, based on your posts, you seem to have a considerably different idea, but after months of lurking i've come to notice these trends on /tg/, and on other places.

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As a Renegade player, I can tell you, that you're doing it right with those guns.

Jesus can Medusas fuck shit up sometimes. I'd recommend taking Bastion Breachers to take out his armour/the Knight better, because they are fantastic AT. The Thudd Guns are also good choices.

As for the Chaos Marines, you could probably go with some Rhinos or something for the Marines, because footslogging Marine=dead Marine. You probably don't need the Vindicator with all the guns you can have with the Renegades.

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The fact is, /tg/, that /k/'s plans are essentially the Imperial Guard run properly.

>Kill it with artillery
>Kill it with JDAMs
>Kill it with fire
>Kill it with large cannons
>Never let it get close to you

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got you covered.

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I agree entirely, I hate the Space Wolves. They fucked up in the Heresy, they fucked up in the Scouring, and they've fucked up ever since.

All they do is make mistakes. They attack the wrong side, they alienate themselves from every other faction, and they make enemies of allies. They damage the Imperium more than help it. For example, the Relictors just used 'heretic weapons', like the Night Reapers, but they were renegades. The Astral Claws were building a mini-Ultramar, and that was a renegade action.

The Space Wolves have said 'Fuck You' to the Inquisition a dozen times, all of which were more than enough reason to be branded renegade. They fought against the Grey Knights after Armageddon, again, an insta-renegade action for anyone else.

Fuck the Space Wolves man, honestly there is no fluff I hate worse than SW.

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/pol/ shit is weak though. I've seen that maybe once every ten or so "threads" like this, not counting the stupid shit yesterday that should have been melted off the board. Either that or I have a tolerance for how obvious op is being.

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That's pretty nice

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Oh so thats who we are firing at

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>best army
Astra Militarum/IG/Renegades and Heretics. I love playing as someone you may ACTUALLY be if you were in the setting
>best unit
Chaos Spawn (I honestly love these fucking things. They're so fast, so deadly, and so cheap.)
>best vehicle
Malcador Defender. That thing looks so dope
>best HQ
Abaddon the Despoiler. Never seen him go down once, but i've seen almost everyone else go down quite easily in comparison.
>best Lord of War
Probably Wraithknight, rules wise. It looks awesome too but I hate playing against them
>best ranged weapon
Blastmaster, easily. It can do almost anything you want it to.
>best melee weapon
Boneswords. Fuck I hate Boneswords.
>Best wargear
This one is hard..probably the Grimoire? Icon of Excess? Burning Blade? Idek.
>best psychic power
Cursed Ground when you play as Daemons. Oh fuck its so fun with Kairos, and I just imagine all the missile weapons coming at him turning into little worms or fingers.

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The IG are realistic in the sense this is how wars were always fought before the modern age, when the power imbalance and hugely interconnected trade levels made mass infantry warfare too costly.

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Sure looks rough over there. Never mind, give them another.

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>>A. No more games, attack with everything you have!

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I am so jelly right now. But here, have a Imperial Guard gif from me to you.

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