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Hey, don't forget us people we are still around!
We hold the line for the Emperor or die trying!

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Got a bunch of these. Anyone have Tallarns?

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Guardsmen are easy to sympathize because they are normal humans with basic human emotions like fear, anger, lust and sometimes humor. They aren't specially trained or enhanced soldiers like Marines, Tau or Eldar, they are basically poor dudes conscripted from their home planet and send to battle with not more than just a t-shirt and flashlight. The individual guardsmen gets scared or might panic when he sees a Ork/Tyranid/Khornate Berserker charging at him just like most normal humans would, unless we are talking of Kriegers but these guys don't know what emotions are so fuck it.

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Great a Commissar! Do you have any orders Sir?
Also, why do you have only one eye and are dressed in orange?

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Regiments, report in!

Cadians reporting!

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rolled 856 = 856

I won retaliation twice! I strike again a third time, have at thee!

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>and Ensign Skippy gets the main gun.

But he is NOT allowed to mount a bayonet on it!

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Are there more variants of this? I remember seeing a Necron one and a Death Korps of Krieg variant before

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blinded by his own awesomeness

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dumping all I have whatever this meme is for replies, and to show all the regiments I could make!

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Don't get mad bro.
All I'm saying is that the only people I've ever met who supported the guy have been college kids with a hard on for socialism.

Although I'm not sure if the support stems from political affiliation or just general anti-USA/NATO attitude.

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The bros at /v/ need your help!
We are requesting that you, the bros of /tg/ to help us in the vidyaization of /soc/!

How can you help?! Simple!
1) Go to >>>/soc/
2) Get into a STALKER, Warhammer, Dark Souls, etc. thread.
3) Keep these threads afloat over the 'POST YOUR TITS, LANDWHALES!'
4) ????
5) Profit!

Get in there and help us out!

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Submit, go along with plans of strong authorities

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I am here, click me.

The Emperor does not like this too much. He would like to changed the armed forces around.

#1: Disband our airforce. Too much for too little.

#2: Fresh batch of prop. Let the people know our nation is in mortal danger. Supporting with 10 dosh.

#3-4: Put in 30 dosh in our oil harvesting and refining. We need dat income.

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so i am taking 1445 worth of infantry heavy guard for the first time ever any advice for a fledgling IG commander

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I agree totally with Valkyries being among the best skimmers in the game right now, lots just due to the Skimmer+Fast turbomove of 24", what else can compare with that speed? Not much!

Anyhow, whats peoples thoughts about Heavy Bolter Sidesponsors, specially on the Vendetta? 10 points isnt much for a pair of Heavy Bolters, but they'd rarely be any use against Armor or Terminators, which is the Vendettas prio 1.
So, thoughts or experiences - 10 points worth it or a toilet flush?

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