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Where's the love for the Steel Legion?

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needs more steel legion

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>It's taboo because it never works. The Afriel strain are just one example in the history of Imperial cloning.
That was more of a genetic modification thing.

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In Dark Heresy can you make the same half action twice?
ie. attack in melee and attack in melee in the same time?

the reason I ask is if you are already in close combat and you attack once (half action) what other options do you have?

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Steel Legion is best legion.

Pic related, Steel Legion being best legion.

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Forward man,

Also I'm not going to see Avatar 2 in the movie theatre.
I fell asleep during this first movie, me and my friends all fell asleep due to the crappy plot and no brainer conflict.

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Ok this thread is pretty far gone but lets see how hard i can sage it.

Needs a good pedo purge

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Higher res please

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Only the best of the best are recruited as children to be marines, the rest are given a flack vest and a laser gun.

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I'm kinda new to Warhammer/40K, I've been into GW as a kid but only to watch a mate of mine and play with the store armies. I painted one model, a Deathguard guy, he turned out ok. But Recently I've been interested in starting a Deathcorps army after seeing some great paintjobs and loving the models. A friend gave me all his paints when he moved state, and now im wondering where to start.

Should I just walk in and buy a bunch of guys and a codex? Is there a website where i can see all the models? Painting tips? guides?

tl;dr: Deathcorps General

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Should I basecoat my Steel Legion troops with gray or black? Black would give it better shadow contrast, but gray would mean less coats to get the colors to show up.

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