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I know this weak spot intimately because i have a deck that does this. Sacrifice effects, bounce effects (to get rid of whats making all his stuff indestructible) followed by any damage and destroy effects(better if you dont get rid of his permanent thats making all his crap artifacts so tat way your anti-artifact will be just as devastating as a kill spell or damage spell), tap effects would be just loltastic in this case because you just ignore any blockers he might send by making them unable to block (again better to keep his stuff as artifacts esspecialy if you can find something that taps all artifacts), next best would be creature steal and possibly sacrificing his stuff with your own sacrifical needs enchantments/artifacts/creatures/spells. What colors do you play by the way?

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prepare ze trenchez

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Well /tg/ I'm having abit of an issue with what route to go with with this Imperial guard army I've been working on since March, I've managed to get alot of models to play with versatility but I think its a bit lacking. I'm also not sure what would make for a good 1500 point game with guard as before I dicked around with vanilla marines. Anyways the list is what I got currently

-105 Imperial guard shocktroopers
-9 Storm troopers
-4 heavy weapons teams
-4 Leman Russ
-4 Basilisk
-1 Valkyrie/vendetta
-1 Vulture
-1 Scout sentinel
-1 Chimera
-1 Baneblade
-1 Hellhound
-1 Command squad
-4 Commissar

Any help/suggestions?

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>I will make an Imperial Guard clone army

go to Forge World they have just what you're looking for.

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You're retarded. Just because your neighbor has something you need doesn't mean you have to right to murder him for it.

Besides, Earth wouldn't have starved if they had let the Helghast have independence. They would have had to pay a higher price for something that had been getting for almost free. So in the end, it was the people of Earth who are at fault.

Then again, I bet you're one of those people who believe that making the middle east a hodgepodge of petty tyrants and fundamentalism was a good idea. Just so we can have some cheap energy, am I right? You make sick you fuck.

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But yeah.

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Let us say you have four units, two units which belong to play A, Units 1 and 2, and two which belong to player B, units 9 and 0.

It is Player A's turn, and it is his shooting phase.

His two units are side by side, whereas Player B's units are one behind the other (for our example here, assume Unit 0 is behind Unit 9)

Player A's two units both have line of sight to Unit 9, and they can still see Unit 0, but Unit 0 would be granted a cover save because Unit 9 obscures them.

However, Unit 1 is a unit with some kind of pinning weapon, be it a barrage weapon or a sniper or what have you. Whatever it is, it causes a pinning test. It fires first on Unit 9.

Unit 9 is forced to take a pinning test. It fails. They go to ground.

Is Unit 0 still obscured?

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Have any Kriegers fallen to Nurgle? they seem like ideal candidates for Nurgle corruption due to their fatalistic nature and how they specialize in fighting in toxic wastelands.

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this thread has been a success in more ways than one

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>Baran is a fecund world of rolling blue oceans, expansive forests, and rolling steppe land. It was originally an Eldar Exodite world, but was conquered by the Orks of Waaagh Arbuttz late M40. By 224.M41 an Imperial crusade passed over the world with the intention of liberating it from its Ork overlords. The first assaults quickly established the Imperial forces as masters of the steppe-lands. The Feral Ork tribes fled to the hinterlands. General Von Paulus, commanding General of the Krieg 127th Infantry Regiment, lacked the troops to threaten one area without exposing another, So he had a system of fortifications set up to contain the Orks instead. As the only regiment assigned to the crusade the Krieg 127th Infantry Regiment were given the right of conquest of Baran. As settlers began to arrive, these fortified positions became the basis for Imperial cities. Cities with a curious blend of Civilian structures and military fortifications. As generations passed the original conquering regiment died away and was replaced by home grown PDF forces. and eventually these regiments were inducted into the Imperial guard as the Baran Siege Masters.

So a Death Korps of Krieg regiment got to settle down and die of old age? THEY CAN DO THAT?!

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"It should be noted that Krieg raises an unusually large number of regiments for a devastated planet. This is attributed to the use of the "Vitae Womb" birthing technique, which Krieg has been granted special dispensation to use as the result of their famous steel, determination and unswerving loyalty to the Emperor. Use of this technique is largely unknown and generally seen as dangerous and abhorrent by the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis."

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[The Long Patrol]
The Long Patrol was the first major military action undertaken on Vardorin ground, the beginning of the campaign marking the third reinstating of the guard. An Ork Waaaagh! had been built and landed on the mostly-day side of the planet, and it was of course the duty of the planetary defence force to eliminate it. As it stood for the first real baptism of the unit, defending their own land as opposed to cleaning up the bodies of battles fought by others, and the men of the Vardorin 3rd did not take failure as an option - rushing into battle to test their mettle against the Ork horde. The soldiers overeager and foolhardy, and their officers inexperienced and greatly underestimating their opponents, this would prove both a poor mistake and a potent learning point for the Vardorin Guard.

As and Imperial Guard, the Vardorin 3rd relied upon maintained supply lines and central leadership, and the Waaaagh! led by Warboss JawStompa was another enemy altogether. Composed mostly of speedboyz and bikerz, the ork armies were always on the move - a constant shuffle and mixup as unpredictable as the sands themselves. This led to every soldier of every platoon being constantly on the move - their lives and battles a haze of temporary HQs, one man tents, and daily marches forward to combat the horde. While the officers attempted to organise and coordinate this new type of battle, their inexperience led to the soldiers being woefully undersupplied - food, water and ammunition had to be strictly rationed in the field, with misinterpretations or complete lack of orders a commonplace. Not only that side, but lack of even basic necessities such as protection from the baking sun left many a soldier with horribly blistered flesh.

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DKOK thread in the meantime?

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Was considering it. Out of 10 what would you give it?
1<10 being the scale.

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I walk as if I have a purpose, for I do. The Emperor made it so that education is finally useful and I shall proceed to excel for Him, Humanity and to prove that my success is assured without needing to pray to the gayos gods.

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It's not about the Death Korps. It's about some desk jockey who's looking for his girlfriend in the middle of a war, who so happens to be the Governor's niece. Also, some Death Korps fight some Necrons.

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