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>Celestine doesn't automatically win you most games
>this is what Celestinefags believe

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I notice you couldn't directly point out a single post, funny thing that. I'll give this a go anyway though.
>implies latin roots
Telling someone they should know their roots in general =/= implying anything, hombre. This somehow got you to sperg out about americans
>gets told English isn't Romantic, which he was asserting in the first place
Never said or asserted anything of the sort. Keep trying though, maybe if you say it enough times it'll magically become reality.
Again, try and show me where I make these claims that assblasted you so

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>Pol just wants SJWs to fuck off. That's it.
>That's it.
>Pol a good boy, they dindu nuffin

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>unironic use of the manlet marine meme

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You're a fucking loser

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>shit talking the usability of the M3 Lee

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>literally communist propaganda with the actual moral taken out

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But I'm not wrong, the dude is from SB. and he's a shitty person, dude fucking hates us if the fiasco with Cataquack and the wish water is anything to go by. How the fuck is that shitposting to call him out?

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>have cosmic reality bending powers
>Are you oppressed?!

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>wanting to lose your magic powers in exchange for some pussy

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I insist.

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Called it.

>And SJWs are just a sub-type of /pol/.
Better bait than the other guy.

Id say 7/10.

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>literally can't get over it when a player succeeds

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One that says all sorts of weird babytalk type of shit, apparently. Also, some people like attention.

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Even assuming it's legit. Are we now made privy to the knowledge that right wing employees so utterly lack the professionalism necessary to high level positions, that they would reveal highly classified government plans in order to masturbate about killing leftists on the internet?

Maybe we should split. I certainly wouldn't want anything to do with that hot mess.

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>acceleration deals with a squared velocity

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>not waiting at least a year for prices to inflate and sell it at 150%-200% of what you got by selling it immediatly

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>so what's the deal with druids only having 2 wild shapes until lvl 20? I would say AT LEAST as many as they have cantrips, which is hardly an improvement. alternatively i would let them burn spell slots to get extra wild shapes.
This is quite literally the dumbest thing I've heard all day
Trying to make moon druid even worse by giving them more wildshapes than they can ever even try to use in a combat.

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You're kidding, right. Only one of those is butthurt? They're both equally valid points anon.

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>Why are you faggots so against dogtripe some idiot who thought he understood 5e churned out in a late afternoon when he thought 'aliens are cool' but are skeptical but often allowing of UA content with various exceptions that's from the official publisher and has had thought put into it by the person who made the rules themselves with the prospects of potentially becoming future main game content?

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