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>Glass ceiling
>Female mages band together to complain about it
>They ban necroMANcy because it's a patriarchal construct
>They enforce a 40% female quota on all mages councils

Not sure how to feel about this.

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>giant virus

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>until he honestly seeks redemption.
Didn't Victor Hugo write a poem where that happens and Satan and God have a baby? I'm pretty sure someone wrote something about God and Satan making up and having a child, not sure if it was Hugo or someone else.

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But switching from Dante must die mode to Easy mode isn't a curse.

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Never played this game or any of the video games before, but I just shelled out the rulebook(You could kill a horse with this thing) and got a bunch of guys together to play it.

Coming mostly from D&D I am not entirely sure how the combat works. Do I need minis on a grid to play it? My only experience with theater of the mind is with MaidRPG which doesn't have movement options in combat.

Right now printing out the starter-box adventure and a few pregenned characters to give everyone a taste when we start.

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Just a question here, but is the guy who makes these threads British? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or saying anything should be adjusted, I'm just noticing that the historical events highlighted in these events generally tend to be the better parts of British history.

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How did this happen? I know this is a very broad question and I'm sorry for that but it's one that really intrigues me.

In the days of Alexander and the Early Republic, infantry was king. Hoplites formed a nigh impenetrable wall and cavalry was only good for outflanking the enemy.

In the Early Middle Ages heavy cavalry becomes the king of the battle field, but the High Middle Ages already changes this rapidly (Battle of the Golden Spurs etc.). This trend only continues as Napoleon stated that any line of infantry should, with enough discipline, be able to withstand any charge of cavalry assuming it comes from the front. He saw cavalry the same way as Alexander did: only good for flanking and charging in the back.

Why did in the Early Middle Ages the role of cavalry suddenly change so much, when both before and after it they had comparable roles? It's not just heavier equipment as even the early Roman Republic's rivals had cataphracts, a system the Romans could easily have copied if it were that effective.

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>If you wanted to discuss Arthurian legend from before Frenchmen took the lead in writing it

I really need someone to explain this shit to me. A Romano-Celtic general in Roman occupied Britain would somehow become a Welsh hero appropriated by the Anglo-Saxons whose stories are most famous because a Frenchman rewrote its entire lore for... reasons. Why?

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>in which Communism is depicted in the way Marxists describe it?
But Marxism and Communism aren't the same, right? Isn't Marxism dependent on the proletariat controlling the means of production, while Communism has the state controlling the means of production in name of the proletariat? To put it simply, isn't Communism Marxims totalitarian cousin?

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How can one man have so much wrong?

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Thats what you got out of that?

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How have you never heard of le ebin deaf baby maymay?

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