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Though we may have to dip back into the Dark Eldar folder to do so.

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Its a screencap from DoW2
Thanks, was getting lonely.

Eldar it is

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Kaelor huh? I wonder if they're the Eldar my group keeps bumping into in the Koronus Expanse.

>Other time was when a Imperial lord took soulstones and made them into his jewelry.Eldar go "give em back or else". Imperial aristocrat goes "lol do it faggot" and the Eldar get pissed, attack with righteous wrath massacre all the guard on the planet take the soulstones, give the aristocrat to Harlequins who in turn take him to Commorragh to be tortured forever. The DE Haemonculi torture him to this day even tho the battle took place 3000 years ago

I am now suddenly regretting letting the Navigator and Seneschal loot all those "pretty glowy gems" from all those Eldar Rangers, Dire Avengers and Warlocks we killed exploring a maiden world...

Eh, I'm sure we can just sell them to someone.

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A vocal minority on /tg/ is violently set against anything that in any way resembles an Elf, and will go out of their way to belittle and insult them whenever the opportunity arises.

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Nope, official codex art.

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As an Eldar/Dark Eldar player (mostly eldar,) I am very supportive of this.


Awesome! Looks like us Xenos players are getting some lovin'.

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>Okay. Getting things a bit back on track, I've got to ask - what kind of adventures you gents are thinking of running?

>Because at the moment, I'm drawing a blank on anything other than "drop on a planet, kill shitload of Xenos/Chaos/heretics, kill the end boss, win the mission".

>I'm hoping the yet scanned pages will give me some advice.

I've got a few ideas for missions of varying levels of combat, one example is:

The Kill-team is assigned to serve as bodyguards for an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor travelling to meet with an Eldar Corsair captain. A survivor of Craftworld Malan'tai, bitter and hateful of the Tyranids over its loss 3 years ago, the Corsair Captain claims to have vital information regarding Hive Fleet Dagon that could help the Imperium battle this threat tearing the Orpheus Salient apart.

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Well, part of the reason that the DoW farseers are all female is because it lets them recycle the majority of the model and animations.

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I said bump the stats up, use it as groundwork. Or are a lot of Eldar Aspect warriors already stated? My GM forbade me from reading Lure of the Expanse, which has all the Eldar stuff in it.

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Inferno Pistols (which my Seneshcal carries one) are a bit overkill on many enemies, plus 3 shots before reload. He gets more use out of his Boltgun, and he has started practicing with the use of Eldar Shuriken weapons.

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From Rogue Trader:

Catapult: 1d10+4 R, Pen 6, S/3/10, 100 mag, reliable

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Also, here is an idea I had for an adventure/mission that isn't just a combat fest:

The Kill-team is on a transport carrying supplies for the crusade (As well as a smaller shipment for the Inquisition, the Kill-team being part of it) to the war-fronts, when must make a translation to avoid a small warpstorm. It finds itself in a system that hasn't really been scouted in the millennium since the Imperium pulled out, and was labeled "un-noteworthy" at the time. However it detects a habitable world.

Pulling into orbit it detects signs of civilization, just in time to be set upon by an Eldar Corsair (Dark Eldar too). The transport has no chance against the raider and is quickly defeated. Preferably the Kill-team helps repel boarders for a bit, but are ultimately ordered to preserve themselves and flee the ship in one of their drop-pods, shortly before the ship takes a massive salvo from the D.Eldar (who the PCs forced to fall back from a boarding attempt) and loses control, falling into the atmosphere.

Basically they find themselves on a human populated medieval world, dominated by a religion with some trappings of the Imperial Creed, but also some chaos influences (how subtle I'm not sure). Psykers known to the populace (who speak an extremely degenerated form of Low Gothic) as"Wizards" exist and often rule small duchies and kingdoms (and the Wizards will not be happy with these "star demons"). Feral Orks are about, and signs of the Dark Eldar occasionally raiding the populace for slaves and playthings.

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Well, I'm only a novice painter, so they won't be anything super awesome.


Deathwatch doesn't JUST do Xenos. If they're nearby when a heresy or daemons are to be found, they'll purge and cleanse them just as happily as the Xenos.

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I'll give this a quick shameless bump before bed. Not that I really expect it to be here when I wake up.

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From the sounds of it, I'd say its a lot more Hollywood actiony. Especially compared to DH.

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