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My FLGS has a warhamer 40k night tonight and I am trying to get into the game should I go watch a few rounds? Or should I wait until I can make a trek out to the local Gw? Fa/tg/uys help a bro who doesn't know what to do.

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I can't decide if TIDF is like Stephen Colbert or Glenn Beck........

For the Emperor you filthy xenos scum.

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Just want to say that I hate that picture and that particular artist. Shitloads of detail, zero character.

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The only issue I have with this, while it seems plausible, is that I am a fairly recent addition to this group. Not to mention the player is super nice and always makes some sort of tasty dinner. I just don't know how to get her to realize that a death cultist Space Marine member of a special Inquisition militant arm is not an excepting or bubbly personality.

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"All of creation suffers, young ones. Only in accepting our own mortality can we make a difference. Only in bearing the burden of our failures can we find the strength to go on. Only in detachment from glory, or honour, or jealousy... from life itself can we hope to spare others from grief. We are Doom Eagles. And we are dead already."

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I have a choice of armies.

I need to decide between Crimson Fists, Grey Knights or Newcrons.

What would /tg/ pick?

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I would actually like to run a DW campaign for my group but one or two aren't too crazy about Space Marines since they believe them to be unchallenging and without character nuance. More or less. Others just don't know enough about them to rp them properly but time can solve that.

My idea was that the kill-team's first mission was to accompany some Techpriests to an important facility on a planet about to be overrun by Tyranids. Their objective is to protect the techpriests while they extract the information from the cogitator banks and salvage any important items along the way. Well, turns out one of the Techpriests is a traitor who attempts to shut everyone out and delay them until the Tyranids come and nom everything. On top of that, several of the logs have been altered to attempt to mask some of the visitors to the base. Someone doesn't want them getting at whatever is stored there.

This would lead into a big Deathwatch conspiracy where the kill-team is strategically assigned to normal anti-xeno missions with the express intent of investigating potential leads while supplying dakka to xeno heads. Before the kill-team can pinpoint the person, they must first discover what it is they're trying to accomplish. To this end, they must do some covert investigation even while aboard transports or at the Deathwatch station. What's the perpetrator's endgame? Who knows about it? What's their motivation? Is it the Deathwatch Captain? The Inquisitor? A traitor amongst the kill-team itself? Is it even Human?

I want to let them explore it but we're in the middle of a BC game and only two of us are really interested besides.

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Here it is.

Let's assume he also has a couple of grenades

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Sup /tg/, I'll be playing in a game of Deathwatch game soon and I'm trying to decide on a character. A Black Templar is one choice I'm looking at, but a Raptor or Doom Eagle are appealing options as well. Has anyone made any rules for them, or should I crack out Rites of Battle and get to work?

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What happens with failed aspirants? Do they all die, ground up into a nutritious slurry for their fellows who became neophytes?

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How do I stop being terrible at 40k?

I've been playing for about 6 months and I'm just constantly being hammered. Everyone just seems to have more and better weapons than me.

It's always either I'm outgunned or outmanned. I've even tried verbatim copies of successful lists and I'm still just getting my shit pushed in without much effort.

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40k would be fine with marines if the marines actually served their purpose of an elite strikeforce that they supposedly are in the fluff, (and are in some fluff, like the Forgeworld campaigns) instead of fielding standing armies and somehow taking entire planets on their own.

They don't have Legion sized forces anymore, they shouldn't be fighting the same scale conflicts

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Any more list ideas using what I've got?

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>mfw people try that shit on me and I still whoop their asses.

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I recently started painting a Doom Eagles chapter they mainly use Assault types, and look awesome in silver and red.

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Heresy Sir?

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Any others? Make up, gotta have some more writefags in here.

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Allright, so the Space Marines only know war. It is their breakfast, supper, dinner, whatever. They barely rest 15 minutes a day, in some chapters nothing at all (except the 4 hours of sleep).

So what happens if you take a squad of Space Marines to an alternate universe where there is no Huge scale war, like in WH40K, just maybe little conflicts, here and there? Would they go mad, or would they try and start the wars?

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How does it feel knowing that we're your "oh shit, save us" button? Talk down about Astartes all you want, but the two need each other.

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So what chapters are you running MP with?

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