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big gunz are best

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I figured that they left the other two out for people to make their own hombrewed legions/'your dudes' originally but I might of just dreamed I read that.

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What are some sublte hints someone could be a ''That Guy''?

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"Well back in my old regiment they made me drive a talking basilisk like it was a frontline tank."
>His predatory smile, isn't hard to pick up.
"And it was amazing."

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On a Knight Crusader is it better to take the Thermal Cannon or Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon?

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>tau fags pointing and shooting right.

Ill not stand for this!

In the Emperors name fire facing left!

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>all dem tau bunched up nice and neat for us

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>The biggest thing to remember is most people in the universe have their special snowflake powers, while you have guns, artillery, and good old fashioned courage.
I've been feeling discouraged about my IG lately, and with my only other army being DE, I've been looking to start another army to cash in on some of the recent power-creep.

Thank you for reminding me why I went IG in the first place. It's time to tweak out a new list and get back to holding the line.

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Tyranids Incoming, Lads, get ready!

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Fantasy Chaos and SM


But they're too big to post.

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>Immediately the men drop what they are doing and turn on heel, falling into a makeshift formation standing at attention upon noticing approach.

>They immediately respond with a salute of their own.

>Upon hearing these order, the sergeant responds under his thick mask.

*Deep rasping breath* By the emperor we will not fail you, holding the line until further orders. *Exhaling deeply*

>You can see that these men have already begun entrenching & camouflaging their positions. Such discipline could bring a tear to any Commissars eye. If only the rest acted with such dedication.

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Target this Heritic who dose not under stand how warp-fun creations of science had some link to chaos and thus upon the scattering, each god flung them to their design in an attempted to taint them later, only achieving half of their plans!
NOT to mention the Eldar who also took steps to drive the future! A massive war of 3 futures was fought and all was brought to a stalemate. WE FIGHT IN HIS HONOR AND TO ACHIEVE OUR GOLDEN AGE CHAOS SCUM!

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Mortars are shit because you can find stronger, more reliable, and approximately as cheap pieplates and cupcakes elsewhere. Autocannons are pretty much the only choice in Heavy Weapons teams.

If you want to indulge your mortar fetish, look to Wyverns specifically, but also the other artillery such as Basalisks and Griffons (As well as their stationary counterparts).

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Anyone got any tips on making a good looted wagon? I want to make one as a Christmas present for my Dad, but just taking a leman russ and slapping some glyphs on it seems kinda lame, while buying a battlewagon to kitbash it is a bit too pricey

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>if they are at the frontline then the guard is fucked as the enemy has plowed through the army and reached their backline
I guess that makes sense but then you have shit like Emps' Wrath or that really old Vortex Missile formation that are actively used on or (relatively) near the front. It doesn't make sense.

>it's a plasma warhead
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. So... Not a nuke, then? Is 40k plasma technology even more devastating than Cold War nuclear weaponry? Its tabletop stats seem to suggest a solid no. Vortex Missiles are legit though.

>So, it's 10" now?
It's S10 AP1 Ordnance 1 Barrage Ignore Cover One use with an Apocalyptic Barrage, which is a 5" radius template.

>Still, the story of the guys in UK calling up an American GW store and attacking their 40k game because "Deathstrikes have infinite range" is still one of the best things ever.
I actually did this once when I was on vacation and couldn't play with my group. Called them up during their game and announced that on turn 3 my Deathstrike battery would be picking targets with their primed missiles.
The dues were so chill they laughed their asses off and rolled with it I miss that group so much

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>Are there regiments solely made of super heavies
With the power of imagination, yes.

Although mostly Baneblade chassis are so rare that regiments are lucky if they have a handful. It would probably make more sense to fluff it as a member of a superheavy company from another regiment rather than from a regiment made up entirely of superheavies.

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>Its minimum range is 36
Isn't that only for indirect fire?

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In a gun forged by mortal hands, made to take life. It is a weapon of war. Sorcery is not a weapon of war, it is strictly the purview of Tzeentch. Therefore it's use in any way strengthens Tzeentch, who is Khorne's enemy.

Khorne dislikes sorcery because it doesn't feed him, simple as that.

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one word

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