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>i jizzed in my pants at the idea

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>mfw vieraquest is back on schedule

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>hurr durr my animu gary stu destroyed 100 suns while giving me a blowjob I also love dicks XDXDDXD derpa derp

Cool story bro

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>seeing a image that a drawfriend did for me posted by someone else

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ITT: Final Destination.

An empty warehouse, with nothing but tables and chairs.

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No Watermelons???

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>find cute girl's pic on photobucket.
>ask how to start warhammer 40k
>Laugh at desperate neckbeards.

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dat flesh

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> foreskin discussion

> 153 posts

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>Implying that Dragons haven't always been immune to sleep effects.

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I wouldn't consider you a "That Guy" for not knowing to rules for a bit when they came out. Constantly fucking up the rules AND teaching the fuck ups to new players in the store where they will fuck up themselves is just being an asshole. That and the fact that you can explain to him a rule. He'll use it for that one game then conveniently forget about it.

Example: Me: I hit his Necrons with a squad of Vanguard vets with Relic blades.
Him: "They get their WWB rolls AND a get back up on a 2+ instead of a 4+ usually because of my Lord with his Res orb."
Me: "Um. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works can I see the entry for Res orb?"
Him: "Are you saying that I don't know how my own army works? that's so rude it's not even funny man. I've been playing this army since it came out I know how it works!"
Me: "Listen man I know you've played the army for X years but you're strait up wrong on this, bro. If you want to go complain to the manager and then let me make you look like a fool, I'm ok with that. Or we can just open up to the entry and read it ourselves and dispute it like reasonable people."
Him He gets pissy and go grabs the manager. The look on the manager's face is like "Oh god this guy again?"

I make a complete ass out of him and he pitches a fit. Manager tells him to calm down or he'll be asked to leave.

My face.

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Yeah. We're gonna' need some source here.

Right this fucking instant.

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Not yet. I suggested Despina, but yeh

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>guy spends twenty minutes saying how the nightbringer is the best Close Combat model in the game.
>I tell him he's wrong and he throws a fit.
>My Swarmlord charges his Nightbringer after reducing his WS to 1.
>5 attacks hit. 3 attacks wound.
>guy rolls 3 successful invuln. saves. I tell him to reroll.
>Rolls 3 ones. nightbringer is Instagib'd. HE MAD
>my face.

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Worse than an orgy full of neckbears?

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>I am not going to play as it unless it's cute uguu >_<


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