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As for me, the Rebel Leader was going to finish Brother Skold as the mighty marine struggled to get up. "Not on my watch," I leapt over the barricade, drawing my Chainsword and Combat Knife in each hand. Interposing myself between the huge goon and Skold, I slashed with the chain sword in my off hand, doing minimal damage to his chest. Flipping the knife in a reverse grip, I hit his head with a Righteous Fury, decapitating him. As for my third motion I threw the knife up, injected the Space Wolf, giving him back 2 wounds, then catch the blade and proceed to drag my Battle-Brother back to the makeshift base.

Meanwhile Sepheran was single handedly wiping out the rest of the Hordes. Each wicked burst was wiping out the entire Magnitude 40 group without even allowing them to get a chance to break. The player decided to walk forward as he did so, while the spent rounds continued to bounce off his power armour. Now, the GM decided that the Assault Marine was behind them so using his Power Fist and Bolt Pistol took out half of a mob, and they broke. The Bunker Busters show up, and go down to the Blood Angel's superior weapon, one action. And I think the GM made that group a Magnitude 50 group.

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