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Their families put to death.
Their homeworlds will be raised.
Those systems purged from the galaxy.
Finally, they will be dragged through the webway to Commoragh, to live an eternity in constant agony.

Your transgressions are not taken lightly Mon'keigh.

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I just zipped my work folder for it.

Disclaimer: BE WARNED. Nothing of it has been playtested, most it probably needs to be "balanced" and I need to add a list where I found the stuff I based it on. Most of it is from a play-by-post forum where they use the Deathwatch system to play as a squad of Aspect Warriors. So, it's not properly converted. YET.

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Get of my lawn, you Emperor-forsaken Xenos

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Pushing the doctor away from you, you walk carefully from the hut, keeping your eyes on the old Guard Sergeant. Before you leave, you pick up your lasgun and satchel from next to the door. You notice that he seems to tense when you pick it up, but other than that, he does nothing. He doesn't seem to have any more words. You walk outside, and the door slams shut behind you.

You are temporarily blinded by the bright light overhead. In front of you, you see a small village made up of a number of wooden huts. No one else seems to be around, though you can see smoke rising from the chimney of each. You can see the soldier's redheaded daughter around the side of the house, tearing clothes down from the clothesline - among them, your uniform and greatcoat.

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You have a lasgun. You had been issued overcharged packs to better punch through the armor of the enemy. You also have a spade for digging trenches, and sharpened for close quarters combat if needed. You also have a basic set of medical supplies. Nothing fancy; you haven't been with your regiment long enough to be trusted with much of the standard kit.

You decide to treat your wounds. You find a fallen log to sit down on, and you check your meager amount of medical supplies. There is a brown bottle, a bit of bandage, some cotton swabs, a pair of scissors, a wooden splint, and two rectangular-shaped packages that peel apart to be separate but are currently stuck together. You also spy some ration bars.

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Not much, not much.

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Well, so far the rules seem OK. With some unnecessary things. I'm just bracing myself for Ultramarine Worshiping Grey Knights... Or... Or worse. I don't even want to *know* the backstory of those lifter things.

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Because Art Threads Rock

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