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I know, they seem to get in everything

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Vat's zat? Imperial Guard thread?

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Yeah, the fleet master still needs to be fluffed out. Any writefag's would be appreciated.

I think that one of the chapter's defining moments was a siege alongside a detatchment of the Death Korps of Krieg. It was their that they found that the codex could suck it, and that tank's are more effective then chainswords.

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If he doesn't answer, does that mean we get a new, new commissar?

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Bump, I need something to read, oh yeah,and for the Emperor and all that good stuff.

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If asked enough, someone will. Because theres already digital copies out there if I'm not mistaken, or theres fellow fa/tg/uys who got theirs ordered and express shipped. So soon, it will be.

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god damn it I fucked that up...

My sisters have been calling me that the whole trip because they know it annoys me.

>or so I tell them, they don't know my powerlevel

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I give myself too much to do.

I want to draw a fullscale invasion of the Imperial Guard invading Equestria.

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Eh, I'm not really sure what I think of them. They are rather dull compared to other regiments.

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Come on...surely theres some around here somewhere. couldnt find any in /rs/.

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Thanks OP, I hadn't seen this and really wanted to collect a DKK army without taking a loan, this makes my day

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krieg thread?

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IG here, fully accepting the fact that this is absolutely true. It's also why I picked up the worst army in 40k at the moment a week ago: Chaos Daemons.

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What's an "orc"? Is it something you bayonet charge?

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Dig trenches.

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Whats going on in this thread?

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So, question for you 40K players.

Modified Kill Team rules, 500 points, no walkers, MCs or veehicles.

Named and multiwound characters are ok, and the game takes place in a giant space hulk board, with halways doors and rooms that give you just enough space to not be one man units in a long line.


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Like this. Took me forever to find.

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