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His exact age was never given, but one of the loading screens said he'd served with the Deathwatch for nearly two centuries.

Again, I don't think they ever said how old he was, just that he's a veteran of centuries of campaigning.

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No one's questioning the fact that it was a disaster - the loss of three companies in a single engagement is a huge blow. But why does it have to be due to incompetence on the part of the losing commander? Because he sounded funny?

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Picture the following: a Marine ends up stranded, far from Imperial support, along with an important non-augmented human - say, an Inquisitor or a Navigator or something. It falls to him to preserve this individual's life until they can make contact with elements of the Imperium. After several weeks with no sign of salvation, their rations run out. Or perhaps they never had any in the first place. Not to worry though, for the noble Astartes can keep his ward alive by letting him eat his shit. Truly, the Emperor provides.

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>impling three companies is most of the chapter
>implying Boreale was incompetent and not one of the greatest heroes known to the Blood Ravens who was brought down from within by the traitor Cyrus

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"It was Kaurava that damned you, I think. You allowed a reversal of war to defeat you."
"Spare me your moralizing, Tarkus. Kaurava was no reversal - it was a slaughter! A slaughter caused by the incompetence of Indrick Boreale!"

"I do not question the tragedy, but I am more concerned what the presence of xenos at Argus portends."
"It portends war. The defeat of a common foe merely leaves the stronger for you to deal with. The Kaurava Campaign taught me that much."

>tfw Relic will never reveal what actually happened in Kaurava

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I searched the DoW2 UCS for all mentions of "Dreadnought" and found only two named ones that aren't confirmed dead... and actually belong to the Blood Ravens rather than another Chapter.

>Plating of the Risen Dead
>Brother Gronick nearly met his end fighting the Orks besieging Ross Station. The mighty warrior was found barely alive, with both hands clutching a battered chainsword that pierced a Greenskin skull. Installed into a dreadnought sarcophagus, he still serves the Blood Ravens.

>Ork Crusher
>The Ork submersible broke the surface of the waters behind Storm Reach, expecting to unleash its missile and marauding cargo on the unsuspecting town. Instead, the Greenskin craft became a death trap for all inside as Dreadnought Callum waded through the shallows to crush all inside.

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About that... While going through the Retribution sound files and the text in DOW2.ucs, I found something intriguing.

>Martellus: The renegades sent to raze Argus were slaughtered? That is an unexpected fortune.
>Cyrus: Not all of them were renegades, Martellus. Many were faithful servants of the Emperor, simply following the orders of their Chapter Master. They had no reason to question him.
>Martellus: I do not question the tragedy, but I am more concerned what the presence of xenos at Argus portends.
>Cyrus: It portends war. The defeat of a common foe merely leaves the stronger for you to deal with. The Kaurava Campaign taught me that much.
>Martellus: Perhaps. But it may also portend opportunity. Two fatigued opponents are always preferable to one rested enemy.
>Cyrus: Possibly. If nothing else, Argus is dangerously close. We can hide here no longer. Gather our brothers. It is time to regroup with Captain Angelos.

A cut scene from the campaign, one of several it seems. However, the following lines from Cyrus are of especial interest. They appear to be taunts, perhaps as part of a boss fight.

>"Damnation... they have already come for us!"
>"I will not fall to this reckless vermin!"
>"You should never have let me out of sight!"

And finally...

>"Hrrk... what... what is happening..."
>"C... Captain Boreale... s... send for... help..."

A flashback? Or could it mean... Boreale WAS originally going to be the Ancient?

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Boreale launched multiple, simultaneous, and devastating deep strikes... into my heart.

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Blood Raven scouts like to wait.

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