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>This suggests saboteurs targeting an ISD's food supply probably have a solid go of it to poison the entire ship

>Saboteurs target the nutrient paste vats on an ISD-2
>mfw they only hit the vats used by officers
>mfw with the entire officer crew incapacitated, the Stormtroopers and technicians have to fly the ship back to Imperial space
It's like Airplane in Space.

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>mfw the Corellian set up a still in their quarters
With enough ranks in Xenology, you should be able to do that. Xizor might hire you as his personal sommelier.

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>another argument about quests

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>I'm supposed to be the utility guy
>"hey should I take [thing that's utility]?"
>"oh no I have that, and I can share it with you!"
>"oh cool I'll take it then"

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Alright, a quick look, and out of 20 archetypes which replace Poison Use, only Mindchemist and Oenopion Researcher can stack with Gun Chemist. Mindchemist is a pretty good one for you though, since you'll likely want to pump your Int anyway for that sweet sweet gun damage, but Oenopion Researcher looks kind of awful unless you just want to chuck your mutagen at allies. Losing Swift Alchemy hurts since you'd really want to be able to quickly make your bullets and shit.

Two out of TWENTY that replace Poison Use. There's still a shitload of archetypes besides that, but most of them don't stack and I can't think of any offhand you would WANT to stack.

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>packing collection to move
>it takes three 18Gal bins just to get my Ret models tucked away
I feel like I may have make a mistake or two with my purchasing choices this year.

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>yo anon everyone else is making pretty weird characters with exotic races, you're usually being the straight man right? You good for that?
>oh, anon, everyone is also focusing charisma and face skills, since they assumed you'd also play another alchemist or investigator
>anon? why do you look so confused?

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>GM talking about a potential sequel campaign when we wrap up the one we're in, get hype because finally a chance to man it up and play a big bulky frontliner instead of pussying it out with dexfags and casty-types
>GM proceeds talk about how cool it would be if I took over the blank-slate sorceress NPC my currant character is watching over for it, since her existence was directly because of decisions I made, in and out of character
>other players start to agree, citing how much effort I had already put into the NPC
>mfw realizing my jokes about connecting all my characters to the same family are probably to blame for this as well

When have you had past decisions come back to haunt you, /pfg/? When have you had to look for the words to help you put your foot down about something?

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Oh boy, since this thread has been bumped I can't wait what other quality posts we will get here. Surely we need more than one elf bait shitposting thread in the catalog at all times.

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Wait, DUST is dead?

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it's case-sensitive anon
sleep tight

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>Short-tail Kobolds have fat rumps and juicy thighs
>That idiom

That idiom doesn't make sense, a fat ass does not mean you'll be shoving it up their ass, it just means you'll be fucking them from behind a lot more.

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And when people realize this and get tired of it they will go back to the other extreme and make them nazi super human that are better than everyone. I just hate how people seem to be unable to think of elves as their own people, in their own niches and realms, with their own flaws and strengths, having good and bad times like everyone else. People seem to be unable to conceplualize this fictional race apart from humanity, they are either better but get narrated into having shit times, get completely stomped by the story like the author needs to prove something or they have to embody every ideal of the author and be smug about.

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What the FUCK does the Azlanti Star Empire worship? Are we going to see some A E S T H E T I C worship of the Self?

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>normies, numales

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>That's where you're wrong, furries never have enough.

>Furries are gluttonous, lustful, prideful, deeply envious and lazy
>mfw furries are avatars of the seven deadly sins

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You make a baseless assumption merely because I disagree with dimorphism being a positive thing or somehow superior to monomorphism. It's.. Strange. From our point of view it makes it difficult to tell species from one another due to how some females and males look nothing like each other.

Asurians prefer order above chaos.

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You don't even know me, anon.

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Anything I should specifically search and go digging for, or did that not get a whole lot of expanding upon? I'm starting awfully fresh and usually try to avoid too many details, but given the level 10 start I feel a bit obligated to put in at least a bit of effort.

There's a difference between "I watch a lot of anime" and "I know a lot about the east", anon. I could probably recite a few names of popular Chinese figures (do not chase Lu Bu), maybe a Moon folklore story here and there, and that names are usually written "Family name first, then given name". This doesn't make me confident in my ability to stay in-theme.

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>mfw the app focuses more on his relationship with Not!Tysha than him being an unwanted Dwarf

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Sketchy uses of blood alchemy and tampering with ancient magics by my mother.

It hasn't come up IC yet, ergo it hasn't actually happened. I was just warned in advance so we could try to work out some details so the GM doesn't have to do any potential subplots on the fly.
The first is going to cause a little bit of worry, but he's going to be damn supportive because he knows she's got a big ol' piece of him in her. The second is going to cause a LOT of worry and panicking.

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All I want. All I want, is a campaign that starts at level 11-13 and expects you to write a badass sufficiently developed for having such a level. I don't want some artsy-fartsy level 1-3 campaign anymore, I want Chargen I can chew on.

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I'm pretty sure you missed like, 3-4 people overall but hey, I'm not one to judge.

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