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well it's like your opinion man

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rolled 59 = 59



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moar daemonettes, moar noise marines. the more dudes you have the more attacks you are going to get, and the longer you can have a scoring presence on the board, drown him in bodies if need be.

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Goooooooood evening, boys and girls!

I hear you kids are looking for some good ol' fashioned RP groups, with maybe some ero on the side. Well ours is a fairly popular, but humble, group and we're looking for fresh meat.

We do all kinds of games, currently we have DH, ero-Exalted, and a few more games starting up, and we welcome players, GMs, and even you weird little voyeuristic lurker types.

Contact jcymbel on AIM for more information.

Hope to hear from some of you fun, creepy, pervert-types.

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