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Holy shit, you're right!

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Mason:' "Reznov, your men must know this is suicide!"

Reznov: "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, Mason... We Russians know this better than anyone..."
>mfw I realize this is the same Viktor Motherfucking Reznov.

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If you really want to know...
Okay, so, the party consists of an Arbite (Who has around 60 STR, and a greatweapon), a Scum (Who has a nomad, which is also best quality, and has a targeter, and a red dot sight, and wings), a Guardsman(Who has a shield and Inquisition armour), and a Hospitaller we picked up (Who has a plasma gun). Our mission? Rescue some of the Arbite's homies. She came from the planet in question, before the ZOMBIE PLAGUE hit. Zombies are everywhere, and can pass on their infection through contact. Sealed armour for everyone.

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DUDE where the fuck did that come from. Here we were having a massive thread of BAWWW and whining and then you just came in here and threw a reasonable argument in our faces.

Uncool man, uncool.

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> Cuddles porn

Well I'll be damned!

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Holy shit, really?

That's awesomely impractical.

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