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>Eldar Jetbike flying above everybody, thinking he's cool lancing niggas

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Anyone planning on being a Stormboy drill instructor? Running them new Stormies through the muck and the mud to get them trained and ready for battle?

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It's the same thing with every race, they have two faces, the face you see when you're behind them and the face you see when you're in front of them.

Behind, Orks are funny, hooligans who get drunks, smoke cigars and get in bar fights, using machinery that could blow up just as much as it can work.

Infront, Orks are a nightmare to behold.

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Last few dumps then I am going to bed. I'll check back tomorrow

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missed an ork one.

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De one on de lft waz me bruddah, new em since e' waz a lil tyke....stupid git got wut was cumin to im.

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WHERE'S MY WAD OF TITAN MONEY!? Like above said, the sword is optional, but with a hand attached but it's easy enough to just slice the hand into a hilt.

Those hands are ugly as fuck, and don't suit Eldar constructs, to me.

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I need some help on a 1750 pt to 2000 pt list for Orks. I can never win against Space Marines, IG or Eldar. These are the only other armies I really play against. moneys not really an issue so give me the best lists.

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