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Chronochick is the only one who can open the door into The Black Cube. By this point she is very heavily pregnant. She fucks up the machine of gristle and bone Ahriman was going to use to ascend to godhood but not before Ahriman slashes Kage across the neck. Kage is holding his neck closed when Chronochick goes into labor. It was not an easy birth and Kage had to help. This meant taking his hands off his neck and he baptized his newborn son in his last arterial blood.

Ahriman's spell backfires because of Chronochick's fuckery and it turns him to dust. It also completes the spell that got him kicked out of the KSons back in the day. Rubric Marines get flesh and bone and no clue what has happened since the Great Crusade. Vulkan gives them to the Blood Ravens for training against Russ' protests. Blood Ravens loot a bunch of shit.

Chronochicks kid gets used like an ethereal lightning rod for the soul of Sanguinius and whats left of the Emperor.

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Enough of this waifu shit

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I was running the Black Sepulchre and the final boss there was pretty fucking great.

It ended with the Cleric shooting a (self-blessed) rifle at a half-manifested Daemon Prince.

After they shot a Volcano Cannon at it from top of a walking Imperiator Titan. And screamed its name at it from inside a whirling flaming daemonic library.

What I'm saying is that the Black Sepulchre is pretty cool.

Here's your music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckxy-i7Dc5U

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....he asks what the stats are on a parrot familiar.

(Hint: It's just a refluffed raven)

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Oh the things you need to learn.

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Sorry, slipped my mind.

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Maybe if fucking xenos stopped trying to kill us and Chaos stopped being such dicks to everyone!

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The visions during Hellfire could possibly count. Or just go for the more subtle powers.

pic only tangentially related

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