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I'd be more than willing to post up the intro or char background builder if anybody is interested in seeing it.

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Eye powers? Eye powers.

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Can I... have a punch Eidolon? Preferably from the punch dimension?

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>poo dimension
>portal of the anus

oh god, I just pictured a horrible alternate version of Cyclops...

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Today, I ran a game for two of my brothers. Now, about a week ago, I came to you asking for help setting up a game for a ten year old and a thirteen year old, and you came through for me.

It was a short game, to test the waters, to see what they liked about the game.

The thirteen year old played a Neutral Good cleric named Maximillion. He had a standard tragic backstory, having been abandoned his family at a young age and bouncing around homes until he wound up in the service of Odin (which he succesfully argued me into allowing) and grew up, becoming a cleric and leaving to try and find his family. He was paranoid, but a good guy all around.

Ten ten year old played a paladin named Caesar, similar backstory to Max before being recruited into an order of knights. His character was married (although he put very little effort into this part of his story) and wore a wedding ring, with a small portrait of his family in his bag.

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Ruby quartz goggles.

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This is how I wizard

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Mutants and Masterminds
Pros: The wide array of powers, feats, and etc. let you make basically whatever you want. Previous characters in my group have included teenage ice manipulator, magic cowboy shaman, demonhost protected by enchanted pyjamas, steampunk gentleman inventor, and the gestalt consciousness of a 100 psychic jews killed in a holocaust experiment named "JEWBRAIN-1" that primarily fought by impaling people with streetlamps.
Cons: Making the character you want requires that you are actually familiar with that gargantuan list of powers. "Must Have" numbers like saves and defenses eat up half of your points budget in the interest of being survivable. Caps placed on the levels of offensive powers cause all players to immediately pay for those levels, leading to characters who, for all of their wild differences in origin, powers, and description, actually play pretty similarly to one another. d20 is kind of lame mechanic from a statistical analysis standpoint and always bums me out.

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All your favorite GURPS and indie stuff please :'D

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bump, because I'm looking for a bit more advice.

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They're not Lazars. Pic related

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>The ability to forward dash punch your opponent to the stomach, then end it with an uppercut using both fists.

while badass, that is an oddly specific superpower. I fear I would be too easy to foil as a hero, and resort to a life of crime, dash-punch-uppercutting people and robbing them blind. Eventually I will be foiled by some fist-resistant superhero, y'know, like most of them.

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I've been trying to get a group together. Would be nice to actually find people to play and, god forbid, I'd be willing to DM. Hit me up.

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Alright /tg/, I need some inspiration for an upcoming comical D&D session involving the Punch Dimension.

Post pictures of bizarre creations from the Punch Dimension.

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look it right back in the eyes and see how it teleports us back with punches flying at it

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The Psyker, Savant Militant Quint, begins using Psyniscience to check for any Psyker sign or left over memories. Yeah, 2+2= VICTUS KHAN IS EMANATING DAEMONPSYKERJUICE LIKE WOAH. Psyker freaks the fuck out, not quite able to tell if it's someone trying to control Victus or if it is just him. Victus Khan notices the Psyker screaming and doing his "IT IS A GOOD PAIN" schtick, immediately rolls a Common Lore (Imperium) test (which he succeeds at with 0 degrees), and thinks PSYKER GOING DAEMONHOST. So he begins to beats him to death on the spot. Swift Attack shock maul helps in this endeavor. The Psyker player, the former corrupt Arbites from the first adventure, is a bit dumbfounded on what to do at this moment. As I have said before, REDACTED is a bit of a chud.

So the death-screams of the Psyker attract not only the attention of the other members of the group but also the local fauna- the location being a Death World, this takes the form of a corpse-strewn Enormous-sized xenos. As the other members close in, the critically-damaged Psyker spends his only fate point to survive the beating. First thing he does? Manifests "Flash Bang". Rolls a 9. Psychic Phenomena. Rolls a 75. Perils of the Warp. Rolls a 92. Daemonhost. His overall score against possession was 32. He rolled a 42. Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything... and also the answer to why Victus Khan is a total chud. Psyker gone Daemonhost. This adventure went from 0 to bullshit in about two turns. However, because he was at 0 Wounds, the Psyker-Daemonhost is also at 0 Wounds. The Flash-Bang goes off. Victus manages to avoid being blinded.

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