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Boob missiles are a time-honored tradition of ninjas. They allow ninja to shoot missiles discreetly by having no launching platform and having highly adaptable origin points. From the age of the boob-trebuchet, ninjas have been engineering better boob-artillery as the years go by; here we can see a pre-integration boob missile form, before ninjas had managed to engineer the capacity to integrate missile-launching capabilities directly into their boobs.

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she can't push in, it's where she's hiding the heavy melta weapon

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>any place you can hide yet another weapon is worth that small price
Don't forget that larger boobs seem to have an exponentially larger storage compartment.

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>"Victoria's Secret Compartment" feat, whereby they can secret items in their cleavage that cannot be found by most mundane or magical means of detection. The larger the characters breasts, the more ifems they can hide and the larger any individual item can be.

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It's a bag of holding.

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>Roll 20 on Sleight of Hand check

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Friend, are you familiar with the term "banana republic"?

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Bitch, please.

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>that filename

Critical success: Holdout

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This isn't actually mine, it's my Sister's "Fuck you, I'm a PC" reaction. And yes, she can do this in-game

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this thread is awesome and you should feel awesome

mayhaps sticky this for a week?

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