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"Alright, we're going to the train station. But first we're changing clothes."

"What? Why?" Saul asks.

"Because the descriptions they have of us are probably vague. 'Guy with armor and a sword. Guy in orange gi. Guy in army jacket.' If we can get on the train without a fight we might be able to surprise whoever's behind the Cogs when we show up."

"I see your point," Saul says. He begins to remove the homemade armor, setting is carefully aside. Hopefully the Waifus won't find it if they manage to wake up.

"And me?" Tatsuya says. "This gi's all I've got. Fighting people was all I really had planned for the night."

"Take a kimono off of one of the Waifus that will fit over it," you say. Tatsuya looks hesitant. "Next time we get in a fight you can dramatically disrobe like a boxer. Come on, it'll be boss."

"That...that does sound kinda cool, actually," he says. He goes to look for a Waifu with a kimono big enough.

For yourself, you shed the army jacket. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt aren't very distinct, you think to yourself. You see guys who look like this all the time.

By the time you reach the station you look like a giant European in a business suit carrying a pipe, a giant Japanese man in a nonsensical kimono covered in dragons and a Bruce Springsteen wannabe.

Tooooootally normal. The assorted punks don't even look at you twice.

>Anything we want to ask our party while we've got a quick breather?

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