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“Antonius Pollux, please step forward.” They had stopped in a different hall. The woman who led us read from a dataslate. “Antonius Pollux, is he here?”
“Your name is Antonius,” my mother had whispered every evening. “And I am Dione. We are of Pollux. Now sleep, and the Emperor will watch over you.” Her mother had whispered similar words to her, and so forth through the generations for as long as the humans had lived on Pollux.
“That's my name,” I said softly as he stepped forward. “That's me.” She smiled down at me. Her smile was not so bright as my mothers, nor so wide.
“Come this way dear, it's time for your tests.” She led me by the hand into the room beyond. I was asked to sort objects, to make choices, to sing, to run, to jump, to read, to solve puzzles, all while men and women observed from behind semi-reflective glass. Eventually I reached the final test. I could smell hot bread through the door beyond. A short man dressed in black and silver stood between me and the door. The man glanced at a dataslate, then looked at me.
“Antonius Pollux, can you tell me the first lesson you learned here at Scholam Augusta?”
I did not know what to make of the question, and hesitated before answering. I thought in silence until I had an answer, then spoke. The short man chuckled in reply.
“Well done, lad,” the man said. “Now go on, dinner is waiting.”

Years passed. I grew.

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One girl posing in latex, and a hundred old men marveling at dat ass.
Classic indeed.

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You dare question the Commissar?

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