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I may consider getting another Survivor box when Pootykins reopens the pledge manager... but I also want all the armor kits I couldn't afford last time. Together it would be an additional $555 though...

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I can't wait till I have Kingdom Death in my hands...

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>190g for Pic Related
OK, I'll do it...

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Kingdom Death is selling Survivor Level Pledges on the website for anyone who missed the boar.

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>If you plan on playing the game IRL, it will be another half year, and cost you $200. $1k easy if you want to get the expansions.

I think it's important to note that in the vanilla game box you get /a lot/ of stuff.

Ignore the last two boxes near the bottom as those were only for the kickstarter pledges anyways.

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Holy Christ the game board is 2'x3' and the Phoenix is enormous. Plus
>dat twilight knight
This is so damned ambitious. I hope the game turns out at least half as good as the minis.

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