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MFw when you have no face

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You actually dont know anything do you....

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TIDF Incoming

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1. an employer contacts your group for a special mission, which takes place deep into an underground complex of storage lockers. Your job is to dodge the nightwatch, traps and get out alive with the package.

2. Johnny Demille, a low level small time crook who you find attempting to hack into a security door, he will lead you 5 levels down for a price, but ends up getting killed by a robot sentry. He carries nothing but ratty clothes and a lockpick set.

Mr. Fan, The Employer who sends you on your way, description would be your typical businessman with a sneer on his face at all time.

Head Guard Neet, a skitterish looking fellow in charge of the nightwatch, a mix of races and elements that protect the storage lockers in this complex.

3. The package turns out to be a rice cooker. DO NOT REVEAL THIS until the people hand over the package. Make it so that if the package is opened then they will not get paid.

the looks on the parties faces when they had to face life or death for a rice cooker.

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