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Are you me, by any chance? Except for the necklace part, that's what I like to believe about the Chaos Gods as well. Pair that with all the bullshit I could call on Big E and lo and behold, suddenly the Chaos Gods are the good guys.

Pic related, this is how I imagine the Chaos Gods. Shits and giggles all day erry day.

I know, opinions.

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I'm a fan of Cultist-chan.
She's adorable, fapability is an afterthought.

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Hey /tg/,

I still live with my mum (yeah, I know...) but anyway, I left my barely assembled Mournfangs out in the loungeroom on the coffee table and the fucking retarded bitch of a cleaner my mum's hired has "misplaced" it. I'm fucking hopeless without instruction booklets too.

Is there one online by any chance, or scans of one?

Any help would be great.

Pic unrelated

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are you a player or a GM ?

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I know, he's the only one with artistic talent in our group of friends, so we have him draw our ideas from time to time. Also, he's lurking this thread.

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But fortunately her unusually pure devotion to running around "captooring" objectives for no better reason except for the sake of Chaos won her a rebirth...

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Ok, now about this one<.
When did he met her before and why does he hate(or not like) her?

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her second birth

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