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A Dead Space Brethren Moon?

Maybe, but I would't guarantee it. Especially if this guy is involved.

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Best suit, or best suit?

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The metal enclosure lowered, Shepard and his teammates inside. As they set foot on the small planetoid, the trio was welcomed with an unsurprisingly low gravity. Taking controlled bounds, Shepard made his way to where a mechanical claw was lowering the "targets". Activating his omni-tool, he called Isaac, wondering what he meant by "propulsion" on his boots.

"Isaac, you said something about 'having your own ride down. I'm not gonna lie, what you're implying sounds a bit far fetched."

"It's not. Believe me." Isaac replied. "See if you can get those targets up."

"Whatever you say, 'sir'" Shepard quipped back at Isaac, who, so far, had been calling quite a few shots that weren't his to make. Shepard gave the cart to Tali and Grunt, giving them the go to set up the targets.

Looking out into the spectral arms of the Milky way once more, Shepard found himself entangled in awe once more. "wow..." he said under his breath. There it was Home to countless billions, who even now, must have been receiving the news of the first extregalacitc voyage. Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by sudden exclamation from his squad.

"Oh Keelah... Shepard, are you seeing this?!"

"Whoa... I want me some of those..."

Shepard turned around to see a personage floating in space. White flames shot out of its heels and toes, similar streams exuding from different points in its suit. Blue light radiated from its thrice tiered visor. It was Isaac, flying in the space above them with pulse rifle in hand. He dramatically increased his speed, zooming past them in seconds. He turned and circled around them, not hesitant to show off the rocket boots that propelled him above his befuddled company. AT last, he touched down, landing with a fist hitting the ground.

"Whaddya think?" Isaac said smugly with his arms at his sides.

After what seemed like several minutes of silence, Grunt once again found himself breaking it."I think you're gonna have to build another pair of those."

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I'll tell you what, DS had some pretty cool suits

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I always liked Isaac's suits

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