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>Annihilate these two loyal chapters and take their relics.
Brothers, the Minotaurs have so kindly gifted us with new tactics!

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What about servo squigs?

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I like the way you think, Brother. I think we WILL use it as a holy relic of the Chapter.

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The Blood Ravens will steal the Thousand Sons' schtick and gift it to the entire Imperium.

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>>Raven Blood Monster
Relax, Anon. All it wants is gifts.

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Hey, /tg/. Had an idea for a 40k RPG campaign I've been doing. I started my players out with Deathwatch (didn't have any other books at the time). I plan on giving them command of a ship or Watch station, higher Inquisitorial clearance, and a theater of war in which to operate. At that point, I break out the rest of the games for an X-COM/Total War campaign.

>Rogue Trader
Manage operational funding and acquire more conventional military assets. Logistics and grand strategy are the name of the game.

>Only War
Once the threat level increases, the players gain access to and have to juggle Guard "tokens" representing Regiments (redirected via Inquisitorial clearance) and Inquisition Stormtroopers, with a chance of being killed off due to a mission failure. I'm thinking of using these to add to kill-marker counts for combat objectives when deployed alongside the party. When the party sends them off on other missions, I or the players will simulate scaled-down encounters (1000 Guardsmen vs. 1000 Gaunts will be shrunk down to 1v1).

>Dark Heresy
Similar to Only War, but with different perks. Acolyte tokens will be used to grant bonuses to rolls as the acolytes capture, salvage, and recover tech and bodies. Acolytes' success will be based on a simple roll of the dice in between the party's own deployments, and will grant numerous things such as passive bonuses against specific species, or access to more exotic items in the books' armories. Again, chance of loss due to a failed roll.

Still in control of their own Marines, the players' actions will still mostly be as a squad. They'll also be able to put together subordinate Kill-Teams and their own objectives. Kill-Teams will be the Guard and Acolyte tokens with superior stats. High-threat, high-risk, late-game X-COM.

Thoughts on this, /tg/? Suggestions on how to streamline this, flesh it out, and make it appealing to the players? I'm particularly unfamiliar with RT's economics. Or am I getting too ambitious?

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Inquisitor, I'd like you to meet the newest member of your team. You're going to need a thief, and I know the best there is. A word of advice: Keep your valuables where you can see them.

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It looks like even Blood Raven artwork is gifted

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You. I like you.

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There's a whole thread full of them on the archive, bro:

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If it makes you feel any better OP, the artifacts and territory of the chapter you killed ended up going to a good cause.

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They are on the list then.

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