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I think that's all I got for now.

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well I was already considering cutting the talons to sit up higher, and if I don't do that I always do a scenic base for my monstrous creatures and Independent characters. so they sit up higher anyway. I had heard some basic complaints about how it was a pain to put together so I thought I would at least ask. Thanks for your input.

Have you gotten to play around with the plastic flyrant kit yet?

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If heading to walmart for aformentioned items pick up a fuck off huge set of brushes, they are like $5 a bag, learn which ones you use most, and buy better versions. I can already tell you you will want a #2 horse hair. I use one for everything but detailing. It is also the type I have to buy a new one of often because I use it so much.

learn what you are comfortable with and you will be painting better before you know it.

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I like it, a very nice orange, were I you I would continue with the same scheme.

I actually prefer white base+yellow ink, It gives me a nice bright yellow from the start and if I want to darken it I add sepia wash and go over the parts I want brighter with an actual yellow paint.

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fukkin captcha eatin' mah pics.

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