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Woulda been cooler if you hadn't made the distinction. Then I could imagine Barney as a Professor.

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Hey /tg/. I'm looking for art for my Anima character: a frail, sickly, middle aged Devah who's a summoner mage, but doesn't look like he's one, rather just a broken man. I don't have anything remotely Anima-ish.

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I'll do that one of those next, I don't even remember what all I have in there.
Which should I do next everybody?
Spiders and Bugs
Or Plants

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Maybe you want to look at it again there, buddy.

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as in too cute to use or you want more cute brown girls?

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Bumping with totally random character art

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Can;t really help you there boyo. But I have a few minutes and a couple Gypsy Women.

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Gypsies are universally hated by everyone but those who have never met gypsies.

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I love Gypsies. Then again, never met a real one.

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55 pictures, mostly stuff like this. Some Persian armored figures, a good chunk are "gypsy" or "Harem" girls

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Are we human, or are we dancers?

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