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Well atleast there is some kind of version. Honestly I was worried that they were going to spit on daemons the way things are going. Remember when everyone hated Tyranids so much that Ultramarines got those horrible Tyranic War Veterans that no one ever used as if just to say "Fuck you, Tyranids."?
Well things seem to be going that way for Daemons in the bigger and better fashion of 6th edition, what with a few of The Dark Angels special rules, or much more prevalent, the entire Daemon Hunters Codex. While I am wild about all the improvements I keep hearing, I am probably going to have to hide in a corner and cry when I get matched against a Daemon Hunters player since, supposedly, we have no protection against instead-death from their plethera of force weapons and the ever-present Daemon Bane coupled along side our (supposedly) worse invunerable saves.
But great gravy, if The Great Ones really are T8 with FNP on a 3+ and reduce the strength of incoming attacks by one I'm probably going to high-five my entire game community.

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To live once more...

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In every plague, a warning.

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"Rot, as your feeble Emperor rots, Space Marine."

I agree, it took some etting used to the new voice, but some of his lines definatly do not have the same feel as they did before.
Same with the Warlock, he had some great lines:
"Hate is my weapon of choice."
"Who truely desurves to live?"

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"Worry not, I shall release you from the indignity of life."

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No, but I think I know the one you're referring to, and I think I know where to get it. Give me a few minutes.

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Hmm, I'll have to consider that too then! I mean, I'm okay at greenstuff I think, I just need to get down some of the finer details.

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