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>Astronomy Wizard

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Fun thread, but seriously: why do we even need alignments for rpgs?

In the games I run, I only make my players make their alignments obvious if they have some game rule reason to (taking a vow, for example). Other than that, I just let them basically do whatever they want. Alignments turn a serious choice into "should I do good or evil?" which hinders roleplay. Who cares what's good or evil, just do whatever your character would want to do.

Of course, these are just my opinions. When I play in games that still use alignments, I just put down TN and just act however I feel.

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this is how I human expert

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Man, between you and Colossal Fagot my night is SET.

Keep fighting the good fight man!

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Spread hope and knowledge.

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>Hail the Midnight Dragon!!

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Caliburn and Excalibur are the same sword. This same sword also shows up in Irish myth as Caladbolg aka Caladcholg or Caladwlch held by Fergus McRoy. Before him it was wieded by Mannanan McLyr, god of the sea, and after Fergus died the sword returned to the water.

The sword is also part of a set of items taken by the Daanan (the fey) from the 4 cities of their homeland. The sword came from the city of Gorias. Also the cauldron of Murias, the spear of Finias, and the Lia Fail or stone of Falias.

Fun fact, the Lia Fail was used in the coronation of Irish kings until the Scots took it. From them it was taken by the English. It is now known as the Stone of Scone.

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I was there amongst the billions and billions of space marines, when Horus slew the Emprah.

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Saganity Fuck YES!
>listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p86BPM1GV8M&feature=related
>I now want to resurrect Sagan just to commission him to make the most awesome 4x game ever

>you will never play a 4x game designed/endorsed by Carl Sagan

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Gentlemen, I bring you a wee gift of enlightainment - feel free to use the portmanteau as you please - that the good Sagan himself would surely have enjoyed:


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>It will be called...
The Spaceship of the Imagination!

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