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Accck, fuck a duck. I just saved up the money.

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>And that's coming from someone who loves fishmalks.

Fucking kill yourself

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Rolled 99


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>Manga Fantasy better
>Better than Conan, Slaine, The Forests of Opal and the Red Sonja

Fuck yourself with a Chainsaw.

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>Means "They Castrate" in Spanish
>The City of Those Who Castrate
>mfw party wants to visit that city


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You ask here how exactly we should try and find the kid with the blueprint

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>but didn't housecarls prefer daneaxes

That was purely to put knights in context as professional warriors and retainers, as opposed to nobles sitting on their asses all day.

>Also, I didn't say swords were just for decoration numbnuts, I said that they were usually niche weapons

Well, you're STILL a fucking idiot, because the frequency with which professional warriors employed them would suggest differently. "Niche weapon" my fucking ass. A longspear or a pike is a "niche weapon," a mace is a "niche weapon." Both only gained popularity in response to particular tactical challenges and conditions. But the sword? The sword has been with us since antiquity, and as soon as metallurgy moved beyond pissweak bronze, it never played second fiddle in any ancient war again.

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>So, technically, you're in MY guild, even if I was the one offering to be under you.
>mfw when she, apparently, cheated us

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>mfw Collector's megaupload link isn't working.

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>open /tg/
>notice "Odessa"
>I was born in Odessa
>read the thread
>a huge mecha army is being prepared by /tg/ to conquer my city, probably turning it to burning ruins in progress
>my face

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You...why no Zeonquest?

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>a game of Exalted with all the player characters are all normal humans

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No, fuck Superhuman. I can take super tough enemies, I can take a 40 soldier limit, but when the enemy reactions are SO FUCKING HIGH that I am GUARANTEED to lose men because the enemy always gets the first shot.... fuck you.

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>this thread

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>my dungeonmaster is a railroading cunt who doesn't have the minimal intellect necessary to realize that a character that spends that much feats and money to ensure that he won't be fucked over by being separated from his wizardly tools is entitled to NOT BE FUCKED OVER BECAUSE HE PAID THE "DO NOT FUCK ME OVER" COST

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