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In my ever vigilant quest to get some glorious drawfag to draw this for my gaming group, here goes:

In our Dark Heresy campaign, our Inquisitor PC has a Cyber Mastiff named "Duke". Over the course of the campaign, through sheer luck he has had numerous confirmed kills, and through their effective usage of him he has saved them many times. They love Duke.

If possible, I would like you to draw a picture of this dog shooting lasers out of his eyes and vaporizing someone (doesn't matter who, just assumed to be a heretic of some sort). He should be wearing some sort of general's hat, but a commissar's hat should be fine as well. His name, "Duke" is painted on his side, and in a speech bubble he is saying "Bark Bark!"

If you do this, you will make a large gaming group very happy, and this drawing will likely hang in a gaming store in which we play. Pictures for references:




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Is this worth the money, /tg/?


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I suggest you buy one of these:


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Might as well bump this thread rather than making a new one.

Any newcomers got any questions?

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