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>infinite combos are always bad
are you sure?

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also, THIS ONE

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fuck deck posting. start combo posting.

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play this combo.

here's my budget breya deck that does fairly well in my own durdly meta. a lot of the cards are either in the precon or fairly easy to grab. only a few cards really stand out as pricey (lotus bloom, master transmuter, scarecrone, krarks clan ironworks)

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please show me the jenara deck. it sounds similar to the trostani deck i wanted to make.here's a fun combo in exchange.

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post combos, boys.

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salvaging station is amazing. my favourite two card combo with station is executioner's capsule+station=doomblade machine gun. i ran a whole package in my WB obzedat stax deck (stall and drain everybody slowly), and it's currently part of a bunch of combos in my breya eggs deck. next im thinking about building a reaper king artifact combo deck with it. anyways, check out this spicy super combo

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post combos

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>thread question
pic related

anyways, help with this deck?? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/akirithrasios-wip/

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post jank combos. this gives infinite mana and lets you infinitely cast every spell out of your graveyard.

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everyone post their most ridiculous combos. the amount of setup required does not matter. in fact, the more set-up, the better. this combo gives infinite mana as well as the ability to infinitely cast every spell out of their grave repeatedly.

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