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And I'm out for this request. Any others?

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I will play a Tengu Swordmaster Rogue in Pathfinder.
Anyone can help me with that?

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Has anyone got that screen cap of how to play a krieger properly in Only war?

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I don't recall people that were forced to live in the Galaxy's asshole know much about "victory"

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wow, that was fast

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Sergant! Less talking, more killing!

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from the poster
"This picture shows the 143rd Siege regiment, 12th line korps, 88th Siege army, advancing in sector 541-455 after the breaching of the inner defence line of Vraks' citadel. Colonel Thyran observes the troop movements accmoanied by commisar-general Maugh, whilst reciving a report from an Engineer Watchmaster. Behind the Colonel stands a small security detachment and his ensign carrying the honoured regimental banner.

Men of the 20th company are passing-by in marching colums, whilst heavier equipment in the form of a heavy mortar towed by a Cenrtaur, a Leman Russ tank and a Gorgon heavy assault transport move forward behind these advance the imposing forms of two reaver battle titans from Lucius forge world's Titan Legion, Legio Astorum - the Warp Runners. The deployment of a Reaver battlegroup provided the Death Korp with its heaviest support and provided decisive in breaking through the renegade force's defences"

the poster is awesome, not put it up yet so I can feel like a boss when I swipe something(usually some models :P) off my table and slap it down, like i'm planing an attack

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Well, I'm not concerned with tournament play so much, I guess. I don't know, it's the "feel" of the army I care about, and that's probably just going to involve a lot of soul searching. Hmmm, though I wonder, is a siege regiment really viable? Any experienced IG players able to tell me if you tend to move your artillery pieces around much? I'm thinking that static artillery could be a major Achilles heel

Very much so, thank you, TWSP

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So why on earth is /tg/ so interested in the Derp Korps of War?

They have like the worst tactics of the Guard (not to mention any race in 40k) and the uniforms aren't really all that attractive.

So what's the big deal?

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Sounds awesome.

On a Vidya note......
CoH with Imperial Guard.
>Like DoW2, only better.
No SPHESS MAREENS, just average Imperial Guard vs the horrors of an uncaring galaxy.
Oh, and a cover system that doesn't blow.
>Crusader's Evactor
The Emperor has blessed me in the captcha.

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forgot my pic

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good job op.
Krieg is one step closer in their repentance.
>art of the officer mini.

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post pics or

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Oh hi xenoscum I don't think we have been introduced.

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So like a Cadian to fail in his service of the Emperor

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