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Fukken Genestealers

Stealin all the genes

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Speaking of which, there are orkstealers.

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>portrays their favorite faction as "The Galaxy's Biggest Losers"

What the hell going on? Is the Eldar, Tau, sisters, and now Orks are competing to the victims card?

>Actually with Ork players, there is. And it's allowing them to win an engagement once in awhile.

So in all history of the Orks there not a single victory against anyone? Really? You're exaggerating hard, sir.

And why winning matters? The Orkish way of thinking is circled around having a good fight. Winning or losing doesn't matter to them as long as they have a good scrap.

Also remember that Orks never lose in battle.

> Space Marines (let alone Kelly's favorite fanboy elfdars) do NOT need to be in every single goddamned war in the setting.

You are telling me that Orks, Spaces Marines, and Eldar fighting together against Nids won't be awesome?

Are you insane?

Huh...and I am under the impression that Plot creates the Fluff.

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Freebooter Chaos Jeensteela Kult.

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So I'm working on a Dark Heresy based game, a supplement based on playing as Ork Freebootaz. The problem I'm facing is trying to figure out what class progression I want. I've got three basic ideas in mind.

1- Traditional Dark Heresy, individual career paths with some branching towards the end.
2-Black Crusade style, anyone can buy anything, no actual defined progression
3- A less standard method of having everyone on one large, branching path. Makes character progression much more freeform but easy to lead to broken characters if not designed perfectly.

As players, what would you prefer?

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Sure looking human over here.

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Again, deal with it nerd.

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Canon says genestealers prefer to avoid orks when possible, but if no other hosts are available they are capable of infecting orks as well.

But that begs the question, where do all the later generation of ork/genestealer hybrids like pic related come from, given that orks do not reproduce sexually so cannot produce increasingly orky children with progressively diluted genestealer genes.

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