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The fact that we did very little rider stuff was a fairly big point of contention.

There was one Rider Kick in the entire campaign, and it was when the PC that was hypnotized was hypnotized. And Rider Kicked her lover through the roof.

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/tg/ is not a hivemind
Most boards aren't.

Anytime you see 9X% of people agreeing in a thread is because that thread's subject was of interest to them, and probably in favor of their bias. Those whom disagree stay out or get trolled.

Why is this such a hard thing for people?

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The idea is that picking your primary class, will give you a distinct edge in it. For example, if you were a level 1 and chose Speed as your focus, your skills would be something like;

Strength - 1
Speed - 3
Style - 1

As you progressed through the game you would go up in your skill, as with level. However you likely wouldn't want to focus in only Speed, ending up with something like 30 in it, with still just the 1 and 1 in Strength and Style.

Given that, there is a method for increasing skills directly, without having to rely on leveling only. The method is similar to leveling though more direct. It uses the Kickback buy system, where you trade in your Kickbacks earned for some reward. Normally it would be for level, so trading in say, 5 Kickbacks will make you go up a level, and then you get a new ability and skill boost.

However if you should wish to, you can also directly improve your skills for whatever purpose, simply by trading in Kickbacks as well. This doesn't factor to the amount to level up, it's just a quick spend to boost skills. As it stands, 1 Kickback traded = 1 point in a skill. Such that, trading in 2 Kickbacks with your level 1, for a boost in Speed would result in;

Strength - 1
Speed - 5
Style - 1

This is good for improving where you need, but though this is a Speed character, it's only natural that increasing speed would be easier. For the other two skills it's more difficult, representing the character's weakness in the other areas.

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I'm thinking for the stock cities, maybe one for each continent, and then you have the vanilla "nowhere" city. That allows for a wide possibility for the type of scene, gameplay, and theme.

Places like New York, Tokyo, Rio, etc... because each would differ in more than just location. The vanilla "nowhere" would aim to be perhaps an amalgam of the wider themes, or maybe just an ideal future city. It would be able to accommodate all play types though, for anyone who doesn't want specifically one flavor.

Any thoughts on this? I'm not sure if it suits the theme in all respects, but I think it provides flexibility.

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So /tg/, what ever happened to that HENSHIN! HERO homebrew game some tripfag was working on?

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Was anyone else excited by that system a guy was working on for a tokusatsu RPG?

The last thread I saw about it was some months ago, and I wanted to know if anyone had heard an update?

If the guy's dropped the project I may pick it up in his stead, because I think it would be crazy fun to put your tongue in you cheek and have tons of laughs RPing for JUSTICE!

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NO! There can be only one.


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