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No elves, but Cultist-kun is kinda brown.

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When I was growing my hair out in high school, I went for 3 years without a haircut and my sisters and my mom kept bitching about split ends, even though I used conditioner.
Had to have it cut this summer to work in an engineering firm, but I've been letting it grow back, and I've seen no split ends despite lack of use of conditioner.

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Seconded, something ain't right about him
The rags certainly do give that impression in this pic as well, but something's up with OP's waist.

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It's Chaos.
We ain't gotta explain shit!

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>tiefling whores

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3.5, my favorite edition of them all

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To be honest?

I'd fuck all those females, except for the giant troll.

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Sum-bah-dee cawl for meeee?

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Cull-teest Sawn all-so heer.

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sup, /tg/

Although I look nothing like this guy and do not have a lisp, this is my technique for subtly hitting on ca/tg/irls. Any advice for improvement

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hey tg

am i doin it rite

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There is a chart that can illustrate the differences and similarities between these genre's. I don't think it exists but i will construct it as we go along.
From left to right, we have;

From top to bottom we have;
hard/reenactment (derived and simulated)
'Steam' (infusion and free-form)

| |
Sci-Fi Fantasy
| |
Both Sci-Fi and Fantasy can be as hard or as intermixed as we can imagine them. Also, they can be reinvented and unique as they possibly can be. Using the chart we use the centermost point to illustrate the similarities found with them all. When we favor magical based settings over mechanical, we lean towards the right. With mechanical over magic with Fantasy.

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Cultist is always beautiful.

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