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Your strength bonus after unnatural strength/toughness.

For your typical Marine this will be 10 for Strength Bonus (40s Strength w/ Unnatural strength x2 for 8, with Power Armor giving +20 strength after Unnatural Toughness, for a total SB of 10) and 8 for Toughness (40s toughness w/ unnatural toughness x2)

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They're the rough equivalent of a Rank 4 Rogue Trader character or a Rank 9 (starting Ascension level) Dark Heresy Character.

Here is one of the characters from the demo adventure, however the rules and characters in the demo were simplified.

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6 Marines really, if you use the additional two pregens FFG released.

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There's a 6th as well.

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Last night I got in with a great group of guys for a very spur of the moment game of Deathwatch.

Any chance any of you would be on now?

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Signs point to all Storm Wardens carrying swords instead of combat knives. The Tactical Warden pregen carries a "Sacris Claymore" instead of a Combat Knife.

"Secret past" Cliché aside, I'm loving these guys so far.

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Well, I'm basing this off the sword the Warden Marine in the piece of art in >>10657314

And the fact the Pregen Warden Tac marine has a "Sacris Claymore".

Also, they're Welsh, not Scottish.

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Well here are examples of the chapter bonus abilities:

Ultramarines; Favoured Son - get to reroll fellowship tests when dealing with (NPC) Imperial military

Space Wolves; Wolf Senses - get to reroll failed perception tests (and can see in total darkness) so long as they do NOT wear a helmet.

Dark Angels; Stoic Defense - gain 6 temp wounds (taken off first) and have their movement reduced to 1/2 their Ag bonus so long as they stay in their current "Location".

Blood Angels; Blood Frenzy - once per fight, for one round he may reroll damage dice with his melee attacks (all or nothing if rolling multiple dice, IE 2d10). In addition he scores righteous fury on 9s in addition to 10s.

Storm Wardens; Thunder's Call - May challenge a foe to singular combat, gaining several bonuses against him so long as only he fights the foe, the enemy also gains several penalties if he tries to ignore the Storm Warden's challenge. Pic related.

There is no example Black Templar from the Final Sanction pregens.

So what kind of special ability would be appropriate for the Iron Hands? The White Scars? The Salamanders?

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Victory at sea!

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