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And Sara Kergab is a xeno rehash with no personality.

And AC-Chan is literally one picture some guy drew since someone said there arent enough air caste pictures. Your distinctions are as arbitrary as they are retarded.

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>maybe the janitors just overlooked his posts because they technically didn't break any global rules.
When you get banned, ALL posts you've made under that ip get deleted. At most, he was just 15 minute temp banned as a janitor put him up for more permanent banning.

Either way, weve given him much more attention than he ever deserved for writing such shit tier smut and being such a prick in these threads.

More blueberries for the rant post.

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I didnt draw it. The guy who did that sketchy Taubuster comic did. I wish he would come back...

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Well, now it's a blueberry thread.

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Fire Caste

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and another tau

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I totally agree. ME had the completely wrong flavor of blueberry.

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Better question: How big is Shadowsun's cup size?

...if she wears a bra at all..

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but I did

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