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Last thread Chapter Master met with brother Cagirates while under surveillance by the servants of Sector Governor. He gave Cagirates a question and today we shall receive his answer.

Also, Ecclesiarchy is making a move - it's fleet
left Sarris V system for unknown direction.

It seems sky is getting darker...

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The Vostroyans are proud; the Krieg are humble. The Vostroyans have hand-marked weapons and fine armour; a Krieger needs nothing more than generic tools and anonymous weapons. The Vostroyans are lead by the mad, the brilliant, the inspiring, and the quick. Krieg regiments are lead by the survivors.

They have very little in common, aside from a few background details. The Vostroyans are still human beings, after all.

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Some of my favourite scenes involving servitors are the ones where they're wired into the background. A servitor is, more than most Imperial citizens, a true component part of the Imperium, and often their form and location reflects this. Legs are superfluous. Hissing feed raw data and nutrient paste in parallel. Servitors twitch and mumble in their holy communion as the sort and search, file and retrieve, examine and recall. Their holy task ends only in final death.

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The plothooks you mention are all exclusive to your character. Exclusive as in the others in the party will most likely not even be allowed inside a Craftworld, nor will they profit the Dynasty. So why exactly should the RT pay the gas money to haul your ass over to the local asshole space elves?

Now, that said, what exactly makes you interested in the setting if you think the main faction is so terrible? This is just a personal curiosity of mine, since I see this a lot - people who like the setting but hate the Imperium from a moral standpoint. Is it just not possible to roleplay characters with different morality from your own?

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>Meanwhile in the Imperium of Man

>Go away


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Yeah the Tau Empire is just as bad as the Imperium guys.

Also why does that Guardsman need a plasma gun?

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