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Hey a question about Cradle, are the local cultivation energies powerful and versatile enough to do the Magical Girl and Legend of Zelda cultivation systems?

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Only War was one of the best received rulebooks, and people wanted more dark heresy but without all of the jank from older books. If they wanted to make Dark Heresy in the spirit of the newer games, which is what people wanted, it was inevitably going to be "OW but spies".

Space Marines having slightly different stats in a new game, and the new game being completely mechanically and numerically different to every other title are apples and oranges.

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here is his account, take it as you will.


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>Qaf Charms
>Unwoven Coadjuator Import
>All those potential manses


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>vtm tabletop
>a kid character near a crime scene
>special agent walks up to me
>what are you doing here? who are you?
>"i am lord of the DANCE"
>the word DANCE spoken more as an order
>his partner watches on confused as he turns 360 and moonwalks away

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